1. anon(52425)'s Avatar
    So I am a happy camper rocking my storm on mobile. However, my data signal seems to be sucking majorly. At start up it takes 2-3 minutes to get anything that requires data to work (and iit will show full EDGE). Then when I a able to browse, it works great until I try to use another data app like weatherbug or google maps and even slacker. What happens then is I loose full EDGE and get lower case edge and I loose all data access for a good while. Rebooting fixes this. Are these problems related to .99? Someone said the radio signal in 99 was bad and to avoid it. Anyone else experience this?

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    02-14-09 03:54 PM
  2. Biker489's Avatar
    .99 Is known to have some data issues. You can try the .100 hybrid (Which is .90 mixed with .99) or just upgrade to .103. I have been using .103 and it seems flawless as far as data goes (I have been using the CDMA radio though.)
    02-14-09 03:59 PM
  3. anon(52425)'s Avatar

    Looks like 103 is worse... I get EDGE at start up and then it disapears. This is so annoying
    02-14-09 10:19 PM