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    Before i upgraded i was using .713 on CDMA side i had cricket service books and on GSM side a prepaid carrier with out data. Everything was working great all i had to do was switch from CDMA or GSM to use either one. After the update to the latest 1015 and putting service books back on CDMA side again works great. but GSM side when i try to initiate a call i get "The call you are attempting to make is not allowed from this line". I tested my Sim in another phone and seems to work fine. I removed net_rim_bb_browser_daemon and GSM works normally again, but that would remove my service books and CDMA side will not have data. Tried putting service books on using legacy mode but they will not stick. Using bbm i load service books back on and using crackutil i load net_rim_bb_browser_daemon phone restarts and CDMA side works great, but GSM side cant make calls. right now im testing to see if there is a difference in loading the service books while im in either CDMA, GSM, or Global then after that i will test with a my old verizon sim and then with out sim in the phone and see what i can come up with. Anyone have any ideas for me to try? Thanks
    12-09-10 11:28 AM
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    Ok figured it out. Ill post what i have done and hopefully anyone who runs into this problem finds the help. While in cdma side I removed all service books then removed net_rim_bb_browser_daemon after the phone restarted i did a security wipe on the phone (Email, Contacts, and etc.) when it came back on radio was off, i kept it off then reloaded service books and net_rim_bb_browser_daemon phone restarted and now its working on both sides CDMA and GSM. Its possible that what it needed was the radio being off try that and if not then do the same thing i have done and it should work.
    12-09-10 05:48 PM