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    I just posted this in another thread but thought I'd make a separate thread so maybe it could be added to the sticky.

    EASY fix that I just found this morning. My Host Routing Table and Service books empty after a wipe AND my USB port doesn't work so I cant load the generics like I had before. Both Tmobile and RIM are useless as its an "unsupported" phone. I could call and SMS but I wanted MMS to work as well. So here's the SIMPLEST solution that I've never heard of...

    Go online, activate the blackberry data plan, wait a few minutes (probably 30 at least) for it to take effect. Now go the Host Routing Table and "Register Now"

    SHAZAMM!!! Full Routing Table and Service books on a fully wiped clean Storm. I'm still running as my USB port is broken also, so no promises on other OS. Now you just go back to the Tmobile site and remove the blackberry plan so you dont have to pay for it unless you want email and 2g data. FYI I also had full EDGE untill I shut the data plan off.

    NOTE: Prior to this I also changed my APN to wap.voicestream.com but I dont think this matters
    09-01-10 01:34 PM