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    Haven't posted in a while its been smooth sailing with my 9530 but lately it's been bugging out. Whenever I am using the media player or the browser, the phone just shuts off. I figured it was time for an OS upgrade but found that I'm currently running the latest official update (v5.0.0.328).

    I've had the Storm for about a year and a half now, maybe I've gotten all the juice out of my battery? After the phone dies (which happens even when the battery is charged) and I turn the phone back on, the battery shows drained and I have no radio.

    06-09-10 12:27 AM
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    Got a friend with a good batt? Try that. Also try an Hybrid haha

    Post back! =)
    06-09-10 03:13 AM
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    My most likely explanation for this problem is that you have a corrupted file or database on the phone somewhere. I've seen similar problems before where it can drain the battery in no time at all (which automatically turns off the radio when it gets too low, explaining why you're finding the radio off).

    My recommendation is to back up your phone, then you can start with security wipe to restore you're phone back to factory condition. This may help if the problem is a corrupt database or 3rd party application. If that doesn't help, then reinstall the OS. Let us know if you need help to do that. Once you've got a working phone back, redownload fresh copies of your apps so you're starting from scratch. You can also do an Advanced Restore of your most important databases. Select only the things you need (e.g. Contacts, calendar, messages, etc) just in case a corrupt database was the problem.

    The above should resolve your problem. If you need a hand with any of these steps, just let us know with what.

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    06-09-10 04:30 AM
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    well...KRYPTO heres a question.
    I have a hybrid installed, it say ,699 on my about acreen but i said 705 hybrid2.
    I sometimes leave my phone idle for a long while and when i return its turned off and i turn it on it has full battery and itll do it several times certain days.It doesnt die afterwards or anything it just shuts off randomly never happened on any other OS......
    06-09-10 08:28 PM
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    If you have a hybrid installed, you should be aware that's one of the risks... They don't always function correctly on every phone. It sounds to me like your problem is a bit different than a problem with a corrupted file. Rather, its likely a bug from a buggy install.

    In your case, I'd recommend installing a different hybrid. That should fix that issue. Of course, before doing that, you can check in Options > Auto On/Off just to make sure you don't have anything set in there. If the settings are correct (or off) there, then load a different hybrid (or go back to a straight OS).

    And again, remember that hybrids can have problems as they haven't been thoroughly tested (we're the testers).

    Good luck!

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    06-09-10 11:01 PM