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    I've been having trouble with my 9530 for about a month now... Right around the time I installed Desktop Manager version 6. It just reboots randomly...when it boots back up it says Low Battery and the icon is red, but if I do a QuickPull reset, the battery shows correctly. I've noticed it reboot right have looking the battery indicator and it showed near full charge. So yesterday I decided to uninstall 6 and go back to 5, thinking that was the root of my problems. I then tried a downgrade to and back to but it still rebooted randomly.

    So I tried a reset to factory defaults by:
    Going to a Command Prompt
    Typing... cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader
    then... loader.exe /resettofactory

    This also didn't work... so my next step was to do a JL_Cmder wipe. But this too didn't work.

    What I've noticed is after each of these steps and it seems like after it's rebooted, when I go the App Loader in DM and click next under Update Summary, Blackberry 5.0.0 Core Applications keeps re-appearing. Why would this be?

    I'm thinking of doing another JB_Cmder wipe and slowly go back a version... see if it eventually stops acting this way

    Sorry I think I found my problem... After posting this message I found this thread
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