1. KYcowgirl's Avatar
    Howdy yall,

    I am a long time lerker and user of yalls tips, just always found my answer so never had to post before but....

    I have a 9530 that was originally on VZW, i had to switch to ATT due to living out of VZW area bla bla bla....

    i had the phone unlocked and did everything i was told on here to get it up and running and things were great for about 6 months, now she has croaked. the screen is black, the keys will backlight occasionally, the red light flashes, sometimes the red light stays on, sometimes a green light flashes, sometimes the screen goes into a white blurry looking thing (like when tvs used to have rabbit ears and u didnt have a signal). i have done at least a dozen JL wipes and reloads using DM and just straight App Loader, battery pulls and standing on my head...etc...still nothing. now the only progress is DM recognizes my pin, but screen still black with occasional red light when plugged in and keys backlighting...is there anything else i can do or has my storm officially met its maker?

    07-20-10 10:23 AM
  2. sk8trix's Avatar
    I think its about time to upgrade....one of my may replacement storms had the same issue i had it replaced...I did the att thing as well it worked.I guess since ur on att now u cant get a replacement so it seems as if youre going to have to get a new berry.
    07-20-10 10:54 AM
  3. KYcowgirl's Avatar
    boooo i dont wanna pay couple hundred dollars for new phone, ive got an 8900 on ATT but its seen better days, was hoping to go back to my storm. guess the 8900 gunna hafta last me till Storm 2s are cheaper to buy outright.


    07-20-10 11:01 AM