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    Alright... here's the problem.

    I uploaded and upgraded .113 onto my phone.

    I'm running a today plus theme on my storm, and noticed no calendar entries were showing on the screen. At first, I thought it was simply a case of just selecting the default calendar (my blackberry email) which it has always been.

    I noticed though that when I entered the calendar app, most of my entries had gone under a third calendar, "Default Phone". I've figured that none of my entries were showing because they all got "transferred" to this calendar.

    Unfortunately, when I go to Options>Adv Options>Default Services, this third calendar doesn't show up.

    Things I've tried, to no avail:
    - Reloading different backups
    - Numerous Hard Resets
    - Deleting Service books then resending

    All that I can think of that's left is reloading the OS, or downgrading.

    Any thoughts?

    P.S. I'm not using any of the afformentioned hybrids.

    Figured it out... had to load a bunch of individual options manually through DM. Guess, it didn't do a full restore after the upgrade, or through a full restore.
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