08-05-10 03:46 PM
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  1. starmburst1's Avatar
    hmmm, I am noticing that when I receive a call I have to hit the speaker phone to be able to hear or talk to anyone, then I can hit the headset button and it will work fine, any one else?
    06-28-10 12:19 PM
  2. micwag2's Avatar
    Aren't we pretty much just putting lipstick on a pig at this point?

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    Sure. We thought you'd look better with lipstick.

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    06-28-10 12:19 PM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    .685 Radio is much weaker than .591, it is on par with many of RIM's previous releases... but it is no where as powerful as .591 is.

    Camera doesn't not work - didn't try to swap the COD or use a Hybird on it.

    Memory dropped almost 6MB from what I had with .591... haven't tested long enough to see if it leaks any.

    No noticeable difference in browser speed... it is still SLOW.

    Because of the great reception I have gotten from .591, I'm going to downgrade for now.. I need my phone to work.
    06-28-10 12:22 PM
  4. The_Engine's Avatar
    Okay so I loaded this up. Did the basics:

    1. DL new OS
    2. UnInstall old OS (.591 hybrid)
    3. Back up Device via Desktop Manager
    4. Wipe device via BBSAK
    5. Ran Shrink (Actually BB Hybrids Tool now)
    6. Launched the Installer

    Once it came up, Checked Memory - 44.2 mbs free, then did a bat pull.
    When that came up, I turned the radio on and let VZW push all their crap down...
    After that dialed *228 opt 1, then dia a long battery pull - Let it sit with no battery for at least 2 minutes
    After that I restarted it, and did my BES activation. Once it synced with BES, i reinstalled Berry Weather, BBM (Beta), Meter Berry, and Opera Mini 5.
    When that was done I did a reset via Meterberry which worked.

    Now sitting at 37.5 mb free. This is a bit low as others have reported. I am usually right around 40 mb at this point, but with a day I am usually under 40.

    Oh - somewhere in there I tested out the camera and found that I had the issues where no buttons appeared. So I tried fix by copying in teh File Lyr linked to and that worked.

    After all that I am using it and everything seems to work. I don't use Blue Tooth, or so much, if any SMS or texting. BES sync was golden and so far messing is good. The browser worked and got me to the Mobihand store to download my apps. Can't comment on Memory or battery yet as it is just to early. I will use Meterberry to evaluate that over the next few days. I am actually charging now back up to full. It took a big hit from all the restarts, so I just want to start off at 100%.

    I will update after a few days. Going to run this straight up for a while and see how it goes before going to any hybrids.
    06-28-10 12:35 PM
  5. pinhead875's Avatar
    I think I'll pass.
    06-28-10 12:59 PM
  6. valorian's Avatar
    I think I'll pass.
    Same here.

    .419 has been the best OS for me to this point. I tried .591 but I booted up with 5MB less memory and it ran very slow for me. Since I have not reading about any major changes with this version I see no need to use it.
    06-28-10 01:15 PM
  7. valorian's Avatar
    the radio/platform file itself is 2mb+ larger +
    Is anyone seeing any added features that would cause the extra 2mb?
    06-28-10 01:30 PM
  8. el_ote's Avatar
    Pretty snappy... Camera luckily doesnt freeze fer me. I can deal without the icons. I use the sidekey anyways.
    06-28-10 01:51 PM
  9. Nailz509's Avatar
    After reading 8 pages of issues I have to wonder, is there any sort of immediate improvement that can be noticed from updating to this OS? Battery issue has never been an issue for me so that's far less important than many of the other possibilities.
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    06-28-10 01:57 PM
  10. s0ulive's Avatar
    i'm gonna give it a try
    06-28-10 02:51 PM
  11. hennesseystealth's Avatar
    Memory is 1-2Mb less than the 591 hybrid I was running. Camera works fine but no GUI buttons. Also, when I used the side button, the focus box didn't come up. Time to start watching memory and battery.
    06-28-10 03:16 PM
  12. sokar42's Avatar
    So after .591 crap I read the 8 pages and then decided, what the ****, I upgrade anyway.
    Upgraded over the top of .419/748 hybrid, so you know. Used the link to get the replacement cod of the camera fix and SOAS (hybrid tools actually) So my initial findings (30 minutes of use):

    Boot time is slower then before.
    Memory down from 35.6 to 33.5 (assuming that's the "new" 2 MBs mentioned earlier)
    !!! Media folder is now located in the applications folder!!! Don't know how to fix that one.

    keyboard at least as good as 419/748 hybrid. works in bbm, etc..
    touch and keyboard are very responsive.
    browser with crackberry mobile, loads at least as fast as before.
    Camera and video work, took several pic's and a video. show and play back without issue (remember I used the replacement cod).
    The phone is very responsive and for the last 30 minutes, no spinning clocks.
    Apps work: quicklaunch, facebook, bbm, pinball deluxe, solitaire, video poker, stormslots, fierce towers,

    So does anyone know how to fix the media folder being inside the applications folder. This is actually something I would like to be able to do (verizon folder with their junk in it), but just not the media folder.
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    06-28-10 03:22 PM
  13. jltx114's Avatar
    the camera works, but on my phone the shutter is now the right convenience button, rather than on the touch screen itself. it works just like a real camera, where if you hold it down halfway it focuses.

    even though i have the right convenience set to something else, in camera mode that is the shutter button.
    06-28-10 03:49 PM
  14. green mtns rider's Avatar
    quick question folks...

    can i delete the .685 mediaengine.cod in the java folder itslef and just relocate the new .cod file into the java folder or do i need to use BBSAK?

    gonna try and get this OS on the device as soon as i get a response to my question...
    06-28-10 04:08 PM
  15. starmburst1's Avatar
    just make a clean copy, and then try that with the of the copies, if it does not work just reload...
    06-28-10 04:28 PM
  16. green mtns rider's Avatar
    @starmburst1...is your camera working?
    06-28-10 04:31 PM
  17. starmburst1's Avatar
    @starmburst1...is your camera working?
    yeap it works, with or without flash, I dont have the box or bar, but it does not freeze at all...
    06-28-10 04:36 PM
  18. jetman1287's Avatar
    Does anyone else notice the BB menu button is less responsive? Sometimes you have to hit it twice?
    06-28-10 04:59 PM
  19. green mtns rider's Avatar
    installed the OS on the device. the camera issue sucks, happened twice and did a self reboot after some strange error screen i havent seen before popped up...hoping someone can answer my question above so i can reload this...
    06-28-10 05:46 PM
  20. hennesseystealth's Avatar
    Does anyone else notice the BB menu button is less responsive? Sometimes you have to hit it twice?
    No problem here.
    06-28-10 05:48 PM
  21. The_Engine's Avatar
    I have not seen any new features to justify an upgrade for those who are asking. For me the only issues with .419 or .591 was the battery life. I think .591 may have had a bit of a mem leak for me but that hard to tell.

    Either way it will take a few days to tell if battery is any better. Maybe less since I am stuck on a damned train and am banging away on Opera mini which used to crush the battery on prior releases. So give it a few days and see what prope say about signal and battery and then you can decide. So far I am thinking this is much better than .591 but I can't be too sure this early.

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    06-28-10 05:57 PM
  22. Stormified's Avatar
    So far this is pretty stable for me: radio and memory better than .591 (apps-less); battery good so far, still watching.

    As I mentioned before, the camera works fine for me as I've always used the right convenience key to take pics anyway. I do admit that I miss the focus square, but not a big loss.

    Since I have to use the new Docs2Go and PDF2Go, I've lost about 2mb just for that. I also installed the latest iheartradio which increased from ~400KB to ~990KB. Other apps include Gmail, eBay, Google Maps, WLM, Yahoo Msgr, BBM, Facebook, and Word Mole.

    Due to increased size for certain apps, I'm now running at 26MB from boot up.
    06-28-10 06:28 PM
  23. spadz93's Avatar
    hey can you guys help me with installing this thing? both app loader and the DM wont recognize it even tho its installed and i deleted the vendor.xml. help! ps im running vista ultimate
    06-28-10 06:48 PM
  24. ryan.snow's Avatar
    hey can you guys help me with installing this thing? both app loader and the DM wont recognize it even tho its installed and i deleted the vendor.xml. help! ps im running vista ultimate

    Make sure that you right click on the apploader icon and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR...this used to work for me when I had VISTA.....

    Hope this works!!!
    06-28-10 07:06 PM
  25. 2XPLICIT's Avatar
    I have uploaded OS .685 and OAKS .743 and my camera is fine however my video recording will not save videos... what the FFFF
    06-28-10 08:59 PM
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