03-06-09 11:58 AM
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  1. sniper22's Avatar
    I upgraded from .75 straight to .103.

    I notice some things work faster now, but I only have two gripes thus far.

    1.) WMV format videos play real choppy

    2.) When I attach some photos from my device memory or memory card to MMS, they send as a solid colored block. The same thing happens when I forward them. Oddly, if I take a photo with the camera built into the storm, the photo sends via MMS with no issues.

    I do a lot of MMS'ing, so this is a huge issue for me.

    i have this same issue and so far the only resolution i have found has been to take the pictures from my phone off and edit them to png or gif and then it works. but as always who has time for that? still a mystery on whats going on. bat pulls brand new wipe and reload nothing. i have a friend who has .103 installed and the same thing happens. reload back to .75 works flawlessly only thing i have seen thus far in this build.
    02-15-09 09:35 AM
  2. gadgetgirl327's Avatar
    Overall I am undecided if I like this OS. I came from .99 and I think it was better with my phone. To me, everything is pretty slow. The accelerometer is not any faster and switching to folders is slower than ever.

    My big complaint is that I am stuck in 1X. I have only been able to get EVDO once or twice since I upgraded it on Friday morning. Also my network seems spotty at best. I have done battery pulls, resent my service books, and updated my roaming capabilities. This has never been a problem on any other OS so I assume it is this one and I might have to go back. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get back my EVDO and solid network connection? Let me know...all advice is greatly appreciated.
    02-15-09 09:40 AM
  3. aviper9's Avatar
    Some of this may be redundant but wanted to add my findings to this thread. Can't really think of any cons; I have not had any VSOD/Media Card or hard lockups:

    - Phone: Interface works excellent; this is the first release I can actually use the on-screen buttons to answer the phone with. Mute/Speakerphone all work excellent with quick response.

    - MMS: I have only tested taking pictures with the storm camera and sending them to fellow verizon customers, works great. The pictures I receive from my verizon friends display fine as well. I have not done any off-network testing.

    - Video/Audio: I got Monty Python Holy Grail / Ironman and the Family Guy Star Wars episode on my phone. Converted to MP4 using the post "Blackberry Storm Video Conversion HowTO" in the Tips, How To & FAQ thread. Work great. Only issue I notice is the pause of the video when a text/email message come in...almost seems like the phone locks up a second. Videos start playing right after the text/email sound is done.

    - Battery: The first day, my battery life was not very good however I except this with every new release on the first day or two with my phone. Seems to just be how it is. First day I did 3 battery pulls spread out over the day. From day 2 onward, I start the day around 100% and end the day around 55% (8am to midnight). My daily usage averages to around 20minutes browsing on BB browser, 20 minutes on AP Mobile News, 10 minutes of video, 15ish minutes on playing mp3s and roughly 30minutes of gaming. I have BeeJive IM (compatibility mode) open in the background 24/7 logged into 2 aim accounts. I tend to think I can sit down for an hour or so and do something but then I have to either work/eat or whatever so I never get long term usage. However I do open and close many apps numerous times a day so I get a lot of memory turnover. Which brings me to....

    - Memory: 39mb free after a quickpull. By the end of the day 1, I tend to be around 34mb. If I don't quickpull and go through day 2, I am usually around 29mb at the end of day 2. Check next section for apps installed. This is with the above mentioned usage, plus quick 5minute splurges on apps like PocketInformant, Clock, etc... I do open and close a ton of apps every day.

    - Apps: AP Mobile News, BeeJiveIM, Bank of America App, Champion Chess, Docs to Go Standard, DopeWars (game), FileManagerPro, Flycast, Gmail, Google Maps, Instago (removing soon), YouTube, Nintaii (game), PocketInformant, Quickpull, Slacker, Sunclock, Tiltris, Viigo, VZW Visual Voicemail, WeatherBug, Wlirc.

    Overall, best release I have used and I have used every leak except the hybrid builds. This is a keeper for me after a week of usage.
    02-15-09 09:41 AM
  4. rayzaname's Avatar
    The phone was locked and I wanted to see how well it receives calls. On the first try it crashed and had to reboot, thus missing the call. Although I like many of the new features, I'm going back to .75 and waiting for an official release. This is definitely NOT the one.
    02-15-09 10:21 AM
  5. nightfishing's Avatar
    Went from .85 (very stable for me) to .103

    ~24 hours and zero lockups or reboots. (I did unitall wb and reinstall it requiring a soft pull)

    No major bugs to report (no Typing Lag, camera works ok, gps is locking fine). "Seems" to snap out of sleep mode a bit better.

    I've been watching the radio pretty closely and haven't had any issues (but I haven't had any radio issues on any OS since .65, so..)

    Have had it on for 4+ hours today (with wb,vymail and fb running) and am still over 45mb free.

    I would wait for a week or so before making any "judgements" on battery life. Mine went to crap this week and I HADN'T changed OS's or added any apps. My guess is that it had more to do with all the bb server issues than anything on the phone.

    It's been a rough couple of weeks up in this area for RIM :-(
    02-15-09 10:36 AM
  6. punisher135's Avatar

    I Believe This Is One Of The Best Betas Out Right Now, It Could Be A Future Offical Update
    02-15-09 10:39 AM
  7. JRoadZ's Avatar
    I'm gonna agree with the above that is one of the best Beta's out right now for the Storm 9530.

    The quirks I have found, which I'm dealing with, are:
    1) the camera doesn't have a "soft button" to take the picture in Portrait mode.....but if you switch to Landscape mode the "soft button" appears, and then switch back again to Portrait mode, the transparent bar with "soft button" are there.

    2) it has a hard time playing MP3 ringtones that I've set in my profile. Some songs play, but some don't. I'm not sure if this is related to some settings being stored on my company's BES or if it's related to my company having Content Protection / Memory Scrubbing option enabled in the IT Policy (we're a Big 4 Accounting Firm)

    That's all for now...I'm dealing with the camera issue and just using the fixed button to take the pic in Protrait mode...as improving the shutter time from 3 seconds to 1 second is HUGE for me!!

    Battery life seems the same for me. I am happy that the AP Mobile News application works again. When I was using (my last Beta upgrade), there was this BLUE BORDER around the stories, and it would only work in Portrait mode, and would NOT respond AT ALL to my touch (what's the point- it's a Storm??)...so I uninstalled it and felt out-of-the-loop without my news feed. I'm glad it's working again.

    Peace all...

    P.S.- I also like how the Emergency call button is farther down and spaced from the Unlock and Cancel button...I've accidentally made 2 emergency calls so far. And so far............................................... ...........NO VSOD's and NO MEMORY CARD INSERTED Hard Lockups, as mentioned above!! w00t!!
    Last edited by JRoadZ; 02-15-09 at 10:55 AM.
    02-15-09 10:50 AM
  8. solsurfr's Avatar
    Upgraded from .99 the day .103 was leaked. So far very stable but awefully slow for me. Had to do a battery pull because the lag was so bad. Programs are stable but the device is still very slow for me compared to .99.
    02-15-09 11:03 AM
  9. Trooper's Avatar
    It is one of the best beta OS's thus far. I have used all of them.
    I installed .103 right when it came out.

    The only issue I had installing the OS was the 2 errors that came up at the end. Alot of people had the same issue.

    The one thing I am noticing is the OS does "seem" to manage memory better than prior releases.
    Everything seems to work better.

    The one negative thing that I have noticed is after the phone has been on for 36+ hours it does need to be rebooted or it will randomly reboot itself. I have had this happen twice. I dont know why. Its not to big a deal unless I was in the middle of something which I wasnt. The photo camera works great and so does the video camera which until this point was something I stayed away from.

    At this point RIM just needs to fine tune it and get ii nice and dependable like all the prior Blackberries have been. I think it has plenty of features now.
    02-15-09 11:03 AM
  10. dubsud's Avatar
    I have had the OS installed for about 24 hours. In that time I have put her through my usual paces for the most part. I have issue with:
    1. Menu button in Portrait brings menu shortcuts and not full icon menu
    2. Compatibility issue with viigo (may be isolated to my storm)
    3. Much improved speed of UI!
    4. Snappier transitions between apps.
    5. Keyboard pops up too quickly in browser

    If anyone knows of a fix for my Menu issue please write to pin:305B6D76
    Thank you, we make an awesome team!!


    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-15-09 11:12 AM
  11. Grovesfan's Avatar
    try going to options<language<language<english (united states)

    try that mate
    I don't know if this has been mentioned or not as I'm working my way through these pages. The English UK that is being talked about in the install process is NOT the language that's being loaded with the OS. It's just an additional feature that allows the OS to process or "handle" UK spellings of words, etc. (ie: not indicating that colour is wrong, etc.) You should still be using good ole' American in the OS as that's what the OS for the 9530 is programed with.
    02-15-09 11:22 AM
  12. grmncrsnbr's Avatar
    I ran this update when my phone was done all my contacts were gone. All my apps remained. Here is the weird part. I set up my email again and I can receive my gmail but when i go to send or reply to an email it says No message service configured. It takes me to the setup wizard I log into BIS again and still nothing.
    02-15-09 11:42 AM
  13. squire72's Avatar
    my e-mail was missing too... go to e-mail settings (setup/e-mail settings) - all your settings will be there. Click the blackberry menu, and choose "Service Books" then "Send Service Books"

    your e-mail will be back
    02-15-09 12:41 PM
  14. jfriz81579's Avatar
    I ran this update when my phone was done all my contacts were gone. All my apps remained. Here is the weird part. I set up my email again and I can receive my gmail but when i go to send or reply to an email it says No message service configured. It takes me to the setup wizard I log into BIS again and still nothing.
    This is gunna sound dumb but did you do a battery pull??? Resend service books??? Try both of them...as far as your contacts...all ya gotta do is resync if ya have em backed up
    02-15-09 12:46 PM
  15. amartinez210's Avatar
    no problems with .103 so far, it works fine on mine
    02-15-09 12:47 PM
  16. kamacdo's Avatar
    I am new to the BB world, i got my storm the day it came out, however im not as savvy as most of you, i went to the megauppload website, downloaded the update, but it didnt update my phone, i attempted to try and update a few times however it did not work, i did my best to follow the steps but i cant figure it out. some one please help
    02-15-09 01:16 PM
  17. kamacdo's Avatar
    i lost all my contacts, how do get them back?
    02-15-09 01:56 PM
  18. jimswood4's Avatar
    I just updated...works great....
    02-15-09 02:05 PM
  19. kamacdo's Avatar
    ok figured most of it out, but i lost my browser and my games....
    02-15-09 02:10 PM
  20. dpiffy's Avatar
    I must say I have had ABSOLUTELY NO problems or issues with this version 103! I've had it on my phone now since it released, and memory remains at 30MB or more.. never have had to do any battery pulls or anything, everything runs more smoothly and faster and stays that way, unlike previous version where after a few days of "settling in" it starts acting up -- with this 103, so far, its been what, like a week if not more now?? I am very happy with this, and only wander what the VZW official release that is supposedly supposed to come out here in March will be doing in its OS that will make it better than what I am experiencing already in .103. I know for whatever reason that some phones seem to still act up differently than others upgrading to newer releases, and some MAY still be having certain issues with this version, but it def does seem that a majority of people on here and other sites that are using .103 are having next to no problems if none at all. I seriously can't find anything to complain about in this version at all.
    02-15-09 02:18 PM
  21. bosephus61's Avatar
    Still have minor camera issues -- takes forever to snap a photo even when I have it on the smallest size...
    02-15-09 02:27 PM
  22. rnielsen151's Avatar
    103 works stable for me......camera a bit slow...minor key lag. but still more stable than the other loads.
    02-15-09 02:31 PM
  23. shalenboy's Avatar
    Just installed .103 and my phone is DEAD SLOW!!! Barely even useable!! Any ideas as to why??
    02-15-09 02:42 PM
  24. blunt420's Avatar
    Just installed .103 and my phone is DEAD SLOW!!! Barely even useable!! Any ideas as to why??
    pull the battery when in doubt rip it out
    02-15-09 03:41 PM
  25. blunt420's Avatar
    anyone figure out sms and mms fowarding problem yet
    02-15-09 03:42 PM
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