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    Hi all.

    I have had my storm since Nov last year, I bought it from Phones4U (big mistake I'm finding).

    It's been a great phone, but have noticed that the screen isn't clicking anywhere near as good as it used to. Its got to the point now where the edges of the screen don't register the click at all and letters q a and s don't always register. I had a quick go of their demo model and the difference is unbelievable.

    I did the torx fix as soon as I got the phone and it did work until now.

    I have been back into phones4u today and was told that this wasn't a problem that would be fixed under warranty!!! I argued that the phone wasn't working and this wasn't due to misuse.

    I was told that they would need to send it away to see if it was a warranty repair and would be without the phone for a week and have to give it to them tomorrow as the phones are all sent out on a Tue. They don't do loan phones and I would have to buy a cheap phone whilst I am without.

    My questions are:

    Is this a warranty repairable fault?
    Is there any way I can get a replacement shipped, then send mine back?
    Should I argue for a phone as a replacement whilst it's being evaluated?

    I wish I'd got the phone direct from Vodafone now as I don't think I would be having this problem.

    Thanks for any help.

    05-17-09 11:21 AM
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    Yes that is warrenty replaceable(at least it is with every other carrier). I have had my storm replaced twice due to screen issues(I tried the torx and it worked for a while but my screen just got stuck one day). You should have asked them, so if I had a razor phone and its buttons just stopped working, that wouldn't be covered by warrenty?

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    05-17-09 11:53 AM
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    Since you still have some time on the warranty, if you can get them to honor it, undo the torx screw fix and try this, it works great.


    I know it is a work around and we should not have to do that, but the alternative is ................
    05-17-09 01:15 PM
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    Torx screw fix

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    05-17-09 03:37 PM