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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to pair my Storm 9500 with OS v4.7.0.100 with the new Dell XPS 1340 running Vista and it's a nightmare. Even when I have discoverable switched to "No" on the 9500 the XPS still finds it and the 9500 constantly asks for the passkey for the XPS but then won't accept it. When I eventually get them paired (by switching off bluetooth on the XPS, setting the 9500 to "listen" and then turning on bluetooth on the XPS and doing a search for new devices) the XPS fails to load the device software and I'm left with a broken connection where the 9500 and XPS can see each other but won't communicate. The DM offers to pair with the device and although I click on 'yes' it doesn't connect and asks again, and again, and so on.

    Is the problem the 9500 or Vista or both?

    Also, I noticed at one stage when I had them paired that I received an inbound call to the 9500 and when I answered it the screen of the 9500 showed a connected bluetooth device was managing the audio of the call. I guess the XPS was acting as a headset? Perhaos with a bit more exploring I could find a way to either disable that function from the services or at least control it so I can either use that function or turn it off.

    Will all of these problems go away if I upgrade to OS 106?


    02-16-09 04:09 PM