1. cheekychopz's Avatar
    Hey guys.... I just got a 9530 but its not supported by many services in South africa cause only the 9500 was available here. Is there anyway to perhaps load a 9500 os onto it?

    Desktop manager does not recognise 9500 updates for the 9530 even if i download them

    Any other software one can use?

    08-29-10 01:20 AM
  2. carlos31820's Avatar
    Sorry man. Not possible. The only "other software" you can use is a hybrid OS but it's still 9530 software with components from multiple OS versions.

    At the end of the day, you'll still have a 9530 OS.

    The OS software is different because the phones have different radio hardware.

    The 9530 has dual band CDMA, quadband GSM, and 2100MHz HSPA.
    The 9500 has quadband GSM and 2100MHz HSPA.

    That being said. A 9530 should work there since it supports GSM and HSPA just like the 9500. However, the 9530 will have to be unlocked and you will need a SIM card for whichever carrier you intend to use the phone with.
    08-29-10 07:27 AM
  3. ppchkn's Avatar
    i believe that another "main" reason, is that the 9500 has different hardware from the 9530... but yeah, i agree, not possible.

    Oh, and answering your question, if the 9530 is unlocked, you dont need official updates for it, go to the OS storm section and pick your flavor. (i recommend the excelent keyboard reaction and incredible battery duration =) just download it, delete the vendor.xlm, and load it. oh, and love it
    08-29-10 06:02 PM
  4. ppchkn's Avatar

    seems like someone has tried this good luck with that
    08-29-10 06:18 PM