02-23-09 05:25 PM
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    agree with WYMTHG, i've had this OS installed for a few days now. by far the best OS i've used. very stable. makes me love my storm even more now. portrait QWERTY keyboard is awesome, very accurate and easy to use despite the small keys. no memory leaks with me, used the memory cleaner and am at 45 MB and staying there for the most part. yes, the color depth is not as good but not noticeable. responds fast. better sound on phone calls, required me to reduce the volume from the previous version (100). i like the screen light not turning on when the screen is pressed in the locked mode. previous versions turned the light on everytime the screen got pushed in my pocket, it drained my battery. battery life is the same as version 100, overall very happy, i love this leaked OS.
    02-20-09 03:48 PM
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    Any reason the link fails "File doesn't exist (deleted by Admin-Panel or wrong ID). "
    02-21-09 03:03 PM
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    Any reason the link fails "File doesn't exist (deleted by Admin-Panel or wrong ID). "
    It's all here Blackberry OS Guys search the forrum. I stay everyday till 5 am, im like a zombie. Just SEARCH and you will find !!! Enjoy
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    02-22-09 03:14 AM
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    I got this as soon as it was downloadable and well, everything is a "little" bit better since 78, but really - still such a crap slow O/S

    Locking the phone for example - up to 10 seconds!
    Browsing through menu's - ridiculously slow. I'm only talking fractions of a second, but it should be INSTANT!
    Web browser is OK - but often I get an "uncaught exception" or "Page failed to render properly". I'm using the built in BB Browser.
    Camera is almost un-usably slow - taking up to 5 seconds after clicking the screen to actually take the picture.
    When someone calls and I press either the green button, or the on screen "answer" button - that takes 2-3 seconds for the ringer to stop and another second for the call to be connected. WAY too long.
    Not very fond of the "one message tone for all situations". I loved how on my Curve I can change the ring to be quiet or even off if its out of the pouch, i.e. on my desk. I don't want it yelling at me with the new message tone when I'm at my desk and the phone's right next to me....
    When I pull the phone out of the pouch I must pull it out on a funny angle because it defaults to landscape, then takes up to 10 seconds to display the unlock screen in portrait mode.
    Oh and Text editing SUCKS still! When are they going to do something like, dare I say it, the iPhone, where the letter the curser is on, shows above your finger......

    I've since upgraded to the leaked 109 O/S - hopefully its faster.....
    02-22-09 05:50 PM
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    Anyone else have issues w/ the Babylon AD trailer playing back w/ some terrible stuttering on this firmware?
    02-22-09 07:52 PM
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    NO, because this OS isnt for the 9530 and if you try to load it onto your 9530 you will BRICK your storm!!!

    Hey Bladey, I am in the same boat as you! I am still running .78 and need my phone to work and be reliable. I am going to go ahead and take the plunge and if it doesn't work as good as it does for most everyone else, then I will go back to my trusty .78! I do the same thing with all of my devices, I have a fail safe OS that I can always revert back to just in case, which is something that I highly recommend for everyone.

    And by the way, if anyone needs any help with installation or memory optomization, go to the first link in my signature, and you will get more than you bargained for!!
    If you try and install this on a 9530 it just will not work, even if you force the install. You will NOT brick your Storm.
    02-23-09 05:16 PM
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    I upgraded to 106 on a previous Storm and almost immediately I had phone issues. When receiving a call the phone would show the incoming call screen and everything would lock up although the phone still rang until the caller hung up. Also when removing the phone from the pouch 2 or 3 times in quick succession the handset locks solid and I need to pull the battery (same fix for the other issue too). I had a problem with the phone on version .78 where the phone would, for no clear reason, drain the battery in about 30 mins and become hot in the process. I have had the phone and battery swapped by Vodafone but the lock up on incoming call issue persists although it no longer kills batteries. I dont know if I should persist with this handset or try and swap it for a Curve.

    I am testing 109 and all is good in the world of Blackberry Storm at the moment.
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    02-23-09 05:25 PM
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