1. totalchoice's Avatar
    I own a web hosting company located in Troy, Michigan.

    This is my personal server, so feel free to hammer away at the download.

    bigstringer.com/9530AllLang_PBr4.7.0_rel118_PL4.0.0.105_A4.7.0.83. exe

    I have under 10 posts, so I can not post URL links. Sorry
    12-19-08 10:40 AM
  2. DonNguyen's Avatar
    12-19-08 10:43 AM
  3. rchaney99's Avatar
    I get a not found error for that link.
    Last edited by rchaney99; 12-19-08 at 10:46 AM.
    12-19-08 10:43 AM
  4. DonNguyen's Avatar
    should work now...for some reason, it parsed the url weird
    12-19-08 10:44 AM
  5. PMurray633's Avatar
    I already have it on my phone, but it works for me.
    12-19-08 10:45 AM
  6. rchaney99's Avatar
    Great thanks! Its downloading... Yipee!!!
    12-19-08 10:46 AM
  7. totalchoice's Avatar
    Currently pushing out at 110mbps!
    12-19-08 10:55 AM
  8. totalchoice's Avatar
    We are sitting on 2gbps of bandwidth.

    Currently the server is pushing 90mbps out.

    Let the downloads continue! lol
    12-19-08 11:06 AM
  9. analoguedarkness's Avatar
    I'd just like to e-shake your hand.

    I'm at work, and the other links were getting blocked...I was fearing that I'd have to wait until I got home to play with .83!
    12-19-08 12:01 PM
  10. totalchoice's Avatar
    Your welcome.

    I will leave this link up until the next os leak. lol
    12-19-08 02:00 PM
  11. theMUHMEshow's Avatar
    How can I get this on my phone if I dont have the disc working. I have a mac and pocketmac works as well as our Iraqi exit stragety.
    12-19-08 02:03 PM
  12. totalchoice's Avatar
    This release is intended for PC. You should be able to run a virtual instance of Windows on your mac and this would enable you to upgrade from the windows os.

    Good luck.
    12-19-08 02:12 PM