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    Just to get my thread in before the storm of .148 threads pop up. I haven't done many leaks. I did .113 when it came out and was really satisfied with the results compared to .75 (obviously). Ran .113 with no problem and then I installed Meterberry (my 2nd fave app to QL) and it just killed my battery. Had to get rid of MeterBerry, and ever since then, .113 was simply put...slow as slow could be. So much lag...memory drain...battery instability etc.

    Well once I heard the news of .148 passing I decided to install it (CrackMem) before the madness begins and WOW...I'm back to loving the Storm (for the 3rd time).

    I did a wipe with JL and only kept my messages/email on the backup. I did a fresh install of all 3rd party apps and installers. Very impressed...although I don't see much difference compared to my fresh install of .113...Everything is back to its speedy self. The only difference is...that I am starting with 46mb of free mem when I boot up instead of 30-35mb in the beginning of .113.

    Running QL2, Old WB (no ads) all the time...then I have some random apps like FB and UT that I use and several launchers on here. I opted not to install Meterberry bc it really didnt jive well with my phone last time.

    Sooooo...hopefully all this goodness is just not fresh install goodness...I would be happy if the phone didnt degrade like it did before after installing .113

    So 2 thumb up for .148. Install it before the rush guys
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