1. sk8trix's Avatar
    Just loaded lyricidals .748/.732 hybrid to my 9530.Everything works great but the browser.Opera seems to fly with everything loading pages even quicker than they used to on my old blackberry 9530.The only issue i see is that my browser is ever so slow its ridiculus to get a page to load.Its almost like if i was back to 4.7 os version slow.I dont really know what to try.Should I just go back to .591 or try another hybrid? any suggestions....
    07-03-10 02:01 PM
  2. PolynesianMedic's Avatar
    I know this is a pain, but I actually found significant improvement when I did a security wipe. My Storm has been so much better since I did this, I can't even begin to describe.
    07-03-10 02:28 PM
  3. sk8trix's Avatar
    I see...well i couldbnt possibly be that for me though.
    I just got a new 9530 from asurion i know its new cause it doesnt have the whithe round sticker on the back by the battery slot.
    It came with .328 but i used JL Cmder to wipe.Then installed .591 and the hybrid on top.
    When i got it all running it all worked great it still does but the browser sometimes takes an eternity to load and sometimes it works great.Idk if this is just for verizon in which case then it might be the network.
    I just hope i dont have to start re loading os and messing with the phone for hours to get it to work its 4th of july weekend i dont have time to be infront of my pc all day doing this lol.Well i hope others arent having such a pain this weekend with this issue
    07-03-10 02:45 PM