1. gatorboi352's Avatar
    I have noticed coincidentally or not after installing .607 that now my AIM will not receive IMs to my phone. It will still let me send out IMs, and the recipient will get them, but when they respond I have no idea as it does not "push" it to my phone. (please note: My Google chat and all other forms of "texting" are still working just fine)

    Also, I just did a reboot of the phone after installing the update to BerryBuzz and I have duplicated contacts like crazy. As in, like 10-15 duplicates every 4th or 5th contact in my address book. I do not have the gmail plug in app installed or anything like that that has caused similar issues for others in the past.

    Are these things .607 related? I havent had these issues before...
    05-28-10 01:36 PM