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    Am I the only one that has a problem with Storm2 not being able to play AVI's since the 517 Saskatel release? Anything after that, including the "official" 607, the media player plays the audio only. I'm having to convert all of them to mpv/mp4 and the file sizes increase so I can store fewer.

    Have tried a few hybrids based on the 607 base with the same issue.
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    05-07-10 10:10 AM
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    AVI is a container format, can you describe more precisely what video codec we are talking about? It could also be a combination of audio and video codecs that causes problems; can you tell me what audio codec your AVI video files use?
    05-07-10 10:25 AM
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    ripped from DVD with mpeg4 QVGA 320X240 with MP3 audio codec. Using 385kbps for video and 128kbps for stereo audio. They work terrific on the Saskatel 517 and even the original 320 OS's. But on 607 or any hybrids based on that, video won't play and audio stinks anyway.
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    If it is MPEG4, why store in an AVI container? Try changing the container to MPEG.
    05-07-10 01:31 PM
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    The ripper software if freeware and it only rips to AVI. I have software that can convert to MP4/MPv but seems silly to do double work but guess I'm going to have to.
    05-08-10 11:36 AM