1. Audiophilestyle's Avatar
    Is it worth the upgrade?
    04-14-10 01:38 AM
  2. Krypto's Avatar
    Depends. If .591 is running well for you, then probably not. If you're having troubles with .591, then I would. Ultimately though, you probably won't notice much of a difference between the two of them (again, unless you're having troubles with .591)
    04-14-10 02:04 AM
  3. Audiophilestyle's Avatar
    guess i'll stick with 591. i haven't had any problems yet.
    04-14-10 02:20 AM
  4. Spectrumpigg's Avatar
    I'm going back to 591 cuz there is a large leak in 607. Not too sure why.

    Can anyone help? I'm running the new berry buzz. Berry weather. Windows live.

    Other apps I sometimes run is pattern lock, slacker, skype, quicklaunch, and google maps.

    Any ideas?

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    04-14-10 05:55 PM
  5. k8108's Avatar
    I don't know why you have a leak. I had a big leak before going to .607 (was on .537), but I don't have the big leak now. I run a custom theme that I love and 20+ apps. I use all the apps you listed.

    I boot up with about 10 more MBs (37) and it doesn't drop too far.
    04-15-10 12:53 AM
  6. LocalTwoFour's Avatar
    i have to agree with k8108 the last few hybrid that i have been use i have had bad leaking but since installing .607 i boot up @ around 40mb.

    I have the berry stone theme, LifeChurch.tv, about 1gig of Docs to go, Meterberry Nfl Moblie, Pandora which i use around three to five hours a day, BB Maps, BBM, and two games.

    Where with running .548 hybrid ( I know running behind) i would boot up with around 33 - 35mb with having to do a reset at least once may be twice a day, where i have been running .607 for two days and have not fell below 39mb with only my daily reset with some heavy use. But wheither or not to switch from .591 i cannot say but from.548 to .607 there is a world of diff. just my 2 cents
    04-17-10 10:53 AM
  7. andrewl62's Avatar
    I found .607 is better at memory management than .591 I go all day and seesm to start out with 22 mb and at end of day I am at 17.3 mb not bad.
    04-17-10 11:26 AM
  8. DUKDIKz's Avatar
    .607 is better....

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    04-17-10 01:18 PM
  9. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    No problems here with 607.

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    04-17-10 01:36 PM
  10. el_ote's Avatar
    591 worked great for me...607 works great. I like to try the newest hybrids and have only hd to downgrade once I think

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    04-18-10 12:40 AM