1. ASTER12's Avatar
    1.) can someone link me to the youtube app?

    2.) can someone link me to the blackberry storm specific version of Instango app?

    3.) is there a free full screen photo caller id program for the blackberry?

    4.) how is IM+ for AIM?
    12-29-08 01:56 PM
  2. ArmaK's Avatar
    1) http://forums.crackberry.com/f134/bl...thread-107305/

    2) Use the blackberry browser to get the 2.1.0 OTA version
    instango - Download

    3) I don't use one personally but there is a sale discussed yesterday in the following thread of such a program.

    Also please use the search feature, I found these within seconds of typing in youtube, instango, pictureid into the search box.

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    12-29-08 02:11 PM
  3. rimbuk's Avatar
    IM+ works great for AIM. I have been using it for a couple years now.

    It also has the "push mode" where it sends IMs to your inbox instead of keeping the app open. its a huge battery saver if you're worried about that.
    I know there are free IM apps and IM+ is pretty expensive, but it does work well.
    12-29-08 02:36 PM