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    This might be a noob question but i was wondering....
    Im currently with bell mobility in Canada.
    I have the Storm for a few days now with the .76 version.

    My question is this...Shouldnt it be showing 3G on the top right corner of my phone and not 1X or is it just me??
    01-20-09 01:19 AM
  2. wadamc's Avatar
    I don't know about canada, but in the US on verizon 3G shows up as 1XEV. 1X by itself is the slower data of the two. It just depends on what kind of coverage there is where you are, I think.
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    01-20-09 01:59 AM
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    yeah i get the same 1XEV but i see all these pictures that ppl post in canada and the US and they all have 3G.

    does that mean were on a s.hit data plan with our provider?
    01-20-09 02:03 AM
  4. anon(368121)'s Avatar
    3G is displayed when the phone is connected to the high-speed GSM standard.

    EDGE or GPRS is displayed when connected to older GSM networks.

    1XEV is displayed when connected to the high-speed CDMA standard.

    1X shows up when connected to older CDMA networks.

    The Storm is a CDMA and quad-band GSM phone that also supports UMTS (used in Japan and a few other countries). All providers currently "lock" the phone so that it can be used with their services only. Some will unlock the phone for use on other networks, but generally only for customers in good standing.

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    01-20-09 04:15 AM
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    thanks for the info Dodge!
    01-20-09 12:04 PM