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    I'm wondering with the new release of the 32gb micro sd cards if the Storm 2 will recognize it? I know that's it says "Up to 16gb support" but that's because there wasn't anything bigger until now. Is there a necessary software upgrade that I would have to wait for in order to get the full 32gb storage capacity? I'd like to figure this out before I go out and buy one. Thanks.
    07-14-10 02:43 PM
  2. RHChan84's Avatar
    Yes it will support 32gb. I believe OS5 supports up to 128 gb but I'm not sure. But I do know it suppers 32gb.
    07-14-10 02:50 PM
  3. MDJR's Avatar
    Thanks for the info!
    07-14-10 03:02 PM
  4. lvumlow's Avatar
    yes, I am running a 32gb card with no problems at all. I believe they are only available (at this time) with class 2 specs so try remember that the more data you start moving across media the more you will want a higher class (if you can find it). There is a significant improvement the higher you go. I almost stayed with my class 6 16gb card for this reason but as long you you realize copy times will be slow with respect to large amounts of data you will be fine.
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    07-14-10 03:05 PM
  5. Krypto's Avatar
    The limit for microSD cards for the Storm2 is 32GB. Bigger than that is SDXC which is still a ways away (for microSD cards anyhow). I'm picking up my 32GB SanDisk card in the morning at UPS. They aren't cheap, but well worth it if you need the space (and given that I've already filled 2-16GB cards and put a bunch of files on a 8GB card...).

    As was stated above, the 32GB cards are class 2 only meaning that they will take time to load all your media, so be patient.

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    07-15-10 01:36 AM
  6. titusilvering's Avatar
    there's a lot cheap 32gb microsd in ebay. some are so cheap in fact but i think they may not work in phone but do fine in pc card reader. i am surprise there's a lot of positive feedback on the seller which usually they are from hk or china.

    anyone any comment on that?
    07-15-10 02:41 AM