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    Hey Everyone.

    Went to my local Verizon store this morning. It was a madhouse. Tons of people. I just wanted to try it out for myself, and there were already a ton of people waiting in lines to buy one. No surprise.

    So I made a b-line to a storm that was on the floor to play with. First gotta say I like the size, shape, and build. This phone looks like it could take a few dozen drops (on it's metal side) and that is important. Tested out the most important feature for me (the browser). Felt the sites rendered well. Went into settings and changed it to "firefox" in order to render real pages and not mobile versions. I was happy with the way sites came up on the browser. I will say that it's a shame the browser does not allow for a pinch function. I felt the tap was an accurate zoom feature, and it does the job, but it is second to the multi tap function of an Iphone. Also, scrolling a website is definitely slower and choppier than the fluid motion of flicking on an Iphone. Not a deal breaker, but something to keep in mind.

    Then I spent a good deal of time using the QWERTY key pad. Gotta say I was very impressed. I don't currently have a QWERTY pad on my dumbphone, but I was able to type sentences with almost no errors. I can't say that about the Iphone key pad in the little time I've had to play with it. I felt the click method of letters was "just right". I have no idea what reviewers are talking about when saying "it makes your hands tired". No it doesn't. Does your finger get tired when clicking on things all the time using your mouse then browsing? No. So you should be just fine, unless you plan on writing very long emails.

    I didn't get a chance to keep playing with the Storm because a woman was complaining about not getting a chance to use it (what an annoying broad ).

    I left the store and immediately went to my local Apple retailer to play with an Iphone. Just because the Storm was fresh in my mind. As for web browsing, the Storm is definitely 2nd with the safari webkit on the Iphone a strong first. It's no comparison. But I still think the Storm does a sufficient job of browsing the web.

    I will be going back to Verizon in a few days when the crowds die down to make a final decision. I'm either getting a Storm or an Iphone in the next 10 days. I'm a loyal Verizon customer and fear the AT&T network, but I will ultimately buy what I believe is the better phone in the end.

    I'll post my additional thoughts when I go back for round 2, and my decision, in the near future. Hope this helps!
    11-21-08 02:12 PM
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    The browswer on the iphone I hear crashes alot and even the comparison on the main page of the two the Iphone's browser crashed twice. I think people compare this phone to the iphone because of the touchscreen funtionality and the high res screen.. The iphone has a ton of apps and little quirky things to keep you occupied.. I've yet to see the storm but I doubt it will have the app support apple does but who knows it was just released.. Thanks for the review.. I'm still not sure i want to get one yet or not. Maybe just wait and see how the new update affects the phone
    11-21-08 02:17 PM
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    I can tell you this as a previous iPhone 3g owner and now a storm owner ATT service sucks. My iphone drop atleast 3 calls a day if not more and my wife always complained about not hearing me. No MMS is down right stupid and really kills the multimedia feeling of the phone. you also cant foward sms's which gets annoying and of course no landscape key board other than on web. The browser crashed on a regular basis and just shuts off and returns you to the home page. Google maps on iphone rocks and there are some cool apps the help the everyday function of the phone but it gets old having to open them everytime you want to do something simple. After having the storm for a half of a day i realize how over sensitive the iphone's screen was and how often on first touch i went to the wrong place because the storm all but eliminates that. built in ipod is cool but i own a ipod anyway. Plus the black back is always a mess and scratches easy. OOOO and one last thing the silent key one the iphone constatly flicks on in off in you pocket. and of course when you want it silent it flicks on and vice versa just from moving around in your pocket...3 times in a meeting and 1 time at church in 2 months...Note this is after i turned to silent and it switched from me moving in my chair. Storm is a good mix between soild rim functionality and multimedia phone. It does niether great but does both very very well. O yeah and email on iphone forget it some come right away others 30 mins late about as predictable as ohio weather. think that is about it if i think of anything else i will update. But my advice is stay on verizons great network and get the storm and give time for RIM to go from very very good to Great through a few software updates... hope this helps your decision...
    11-21-08 02:34 PM
  4. anon(829886)'s Avatar

    thanks so much for this reply. i really appreciate it.

    how are you liking your storm?
    11-21-08 10:10 PM