1. SJSnelling's Avatar
    Not a complaint but rather an observation. We have three Storms that were purchased at the same time. Two had proper (subjective) clicking screen functions while the third did not really click. The latter also had an undersized cut screen. Verizon replaced it within the thirty days with a refurbished and it works more like the other two.

    Though we have, for the most part, similar apps installed, each acts slightly different from the others. One is slower in transitioning from portrait to landscape viewing, one seems to have a very slight fading or cycling of screen brightness, one downloads the same pages faster than the other two, one seems to reset some of its settings occasionally, etc. Each has quirks though if we didn't have three of them we wouldn't be aware of most of them.

    Overall, the three of us are satisfied with the current level of performance though we also hope that they get improvements over time. We are still using the standard current version of OS.
    02-05-09 03:15 AM
  2. SWFL's Avatar
    Could also be they were made in different places..
    02-05-09 08:01 AM