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    Hi I'm new here, so I hope this is the correct section.

    I have a 9500 model and over the past months things have changed with it and I can't find out how to change them back to normal:

    1) On the call lists, it only shows missed calls - it used to show all dialled and received too, but for some reason it's changed. How do I get it back to all? I have spent ages trying to find this out

    2) On the top left of the screen it has an icon with 2 and what looks like the unread text message symbol, but slightly different. What is this and how can I get rid of it?

    3) Yesterday a new one popped up in the position of unread text message symbol: it's a 1 with a mini yellow circle and white lines horizontal and virtical (like a globe). What is this and how can I get rid of it?

    07-26-10 09:24 AM
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    See if the image below helps you identify...

    #3 is a browser push msg. Search the forum to find out how to get rid of it as I'm not sure...

    07-26-10 10:08 AM
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    1) Not 100% sure. Try opening the list, berry button -> options -> general options -> phone list view. This may differ as I don't have the same phone/os version.

    2) Looks like an envelope that's kind of skewed? That would be a MMS Message (should show somewhere in your "messages" folder, or you may have a seperate mms folder that may or may not be hidden.)

    3) Definately Browser message. You can clear this by opening the messages folder and looking for it, and opening it like you would an e-mail. Typically happens if you try to go to a page when you're out of service range, and "save request". It will pop up to let you know the page has finally loaded.
    07-26-10 10:08 AM
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    07-26-10 10:09 AM