1. bugsnest's Avatar
    I did not buy one but just played with one for about 10 minutes at lunch time.
    The screen press felt clumsy and did not press the buttons that it was supposed to. Appeared to occasionally jump to landscape mode when I did not intend to switch. The screen kept moving around when I tried to press it and was not "locked in place", felt like poor workmanship. The dealer said he had setup this phone in the morning and I thought there was too much dust gathered between the screen and casing for just being exposed for 3 hours (this was a store in the mall).

    I am not really disappointed but did not feel the WOW factor I thought I would. Came out feeling a good idea, horribly executed. Anyone else feel the same?
    11-21-08 05:21 PM
  2. destro23's Avatar
    after i ordered mine and got the 7 to 10 day time frame at the verizon store i left and went and played with one for about 15 minutes at BJ's wholesale Club as no one else was behind me. Just a note their systems were also unresponsive and not working at 1pm est. So i played with the Storm for about 15 minutes saw the demo video's looked great... but i saw the gap around the screen(aka dust collector) i usually have mine in my pocket as i feel like an even bigger nerd with it clipped to my belt.

    Was it's OS slow and seemed a little laggy? yes.. will it be fixed with updates?.. i say yes.

    was it very intutive? not that much, iPhone you can learn in about 2 minutes.(i don't like iPhone by the way but i always give credit to where it's due)

    I don't know.. i think the shortage in these phones will actually NOT be good for them.. as it gives people a chance to second guess.
    11-21-08 05:34 PM