1. tweek441's Avatar
    So last night i noticed that my phone was stuck on 1xev. so I did i battery pull let it reboot and it went back to 1XEV. so after that i thought everything was going good and BAM i thought my phone was going to blow up from all the BBM texts i got that where sent to me from earlier in the day, also a few emails and a couple text msg.

    anyway anyone else have this problem or do i have a freak of a phone?
    05-27-09 06:38 PM
  2. greydarrah's Avatar
    Sometimes mine will hit the lower case...usually I'm in an area with spotty connections. Could be a tower near you was having problems. Battery pull usually fixes it, but first you can try going to Manage Connections and turn off then on your mobile network.

    05-27-09 06:55 PM
  3. Krypto's Avatar
    If you're on Verizon, call *228 to refresh your roaming lists. This should help big time and has resolved numerous people's problems with poor connections following an OS update.
    05-27-09 07:08 PM
  4. tweek441's Avatar
    thanks ill give it a try
    05-27-09 07:24 PM
  5. boba1618's Avatar
    Mine did that on Monday and I turned the radio off and back on and all was well afterward. I have had mine since December and never had that happen before.
    05-27-09 07:56 PM