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    Like everyone else, my storm has a memory leak problem. I would upgrade to every leaked os available and it has gotten better over time; I also make a habit of wiping the storm every time I upgrade the OS and that usually lands me with about 55mb of memory before I start loading apps. Of course its usually downhill from there. So I decided to try enabling the memory cleaner to auto clean while idle or in the holster. on earlier os it usually slowed down the phone so I kept it off and did manual cleans. However with .148 I haven't noticed any slowdown at all, and it works great keeping my memory up to about 45mb automatically. Just an observation I had, you might want to try it out also.

    Also... I just typed all this out on my storm and they software keyboard could actually keep up with my fast fingers sooo much better now!

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    05-22-09 09:53 AM