06-03-09 04:17 PM
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  1. john7760's Avatar
    battery here sucked on straight release of .148. Back to lyridical's hybrid I go. No issues there.
    06-03-09 12:14 PM
  2. Billsey's Avatar
    Don't forget that some applications, when reset during the upgrade process, default to using the battery up very quickly. Make sure you re-initialize apps like WeatherBug and Google Maps after the upgrade or you'll see exactly this symptom.
    06-03-09 12:23 PM
  3. DurangoJim's Avatar
    I've been experiencing the same things since I upgraded to 148 beta. I thought the temperature issue was in my head, but at times my phone has become very hot and the battery dies much more quickly. The phone runs great although I've had about 4 random reboots in the last 7 days which I haven't had before.
    06-03-09 01:17 PM
  4. aimetti's Avatar
    I had the same problem going from .75 to .141 and then to .148. This is what fixed it for me:

    Go to Options/Mobile Network and select "1XEV" under Network Technology. Apparently the "Global" setting is only needed if you leave the states.

    If you have Weatherbug, turn off the GPS location feature. It keeps trying to get a fix of your location in the background. Not sure why it wasn't a problem in .75

    Do multiple battery pulls (don't ask me why...)

    Hope this helps.
    Thx for the attempt to help. However I already set those also have backlight set at 40. Not sure what else to do.

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    06-03-09 04:10 PM
  5. doekim's Avatar
    Having similar battery problems. Running hot and won't last for 6 or so hours with no or little use. RIM/VZW, you let this major fault fall through your testing/quality process.

    06-03-09 04:17 PM
  6. mattsican's Avatar
    I'm using the BBcrackman v6 hybrid and I'm sitting at 87 degrees after browsing internet and listening to tunes the last hour.

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    06-03-09 04:17 PM
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