1. sheeh18587's Avatar
    Sorry if this was already posted but i couldnt find anything in any of the new posts regarding my situation.

    I was able to do the OTA upgrade to .148 last night. Prior to this I was running .75 and never had a problem with battery life. I could go 2 days without a charge and never had to worry.

    So i did the upgrade last night, and this morning I reset the phone charged it (to 100%) and went on my way. now all day the handset has felt very warm. also, here it is, 1pm EST and my battery has 15% life left in it. This is including 1, five minute call and little to no emails or web surfing.

    Any ideas why this problem would have just come up after doing the upgrade? i did a battery pull earlier and nothing changed. The handset is still unussually warm, like it has been in constant use, but it has been in the magnetic holdster for hours. I looked to see if the screen was on while it was in the holdster and it is indeed off. not sure why the battery would drain like this with no use.....Do I need to change a setting or do someting else?

    Oh...and ihave the backlight screen brightness set at 40% I never keep it at 100%.

    Thanks for your help!!
    06-01-09 12:17 PM
  2. crackberryfan's Avatar
    I've never had a good battery life with any OS over .75. Even with a base install with no extras, all auto-updates off, etc.....battery life is less than 12 hours. To be clear, I've compared the EXACT same setup (programs, settings, etc) on .75 and new OS's. Even tried a new battery. Battery is okay on .75, not ok on all other OS's. Head scratcher for me.
    06-01-09 12:22 PM