1. UniqueLife's Avatar
    Does anyone else see if your running the .148 and once you open the application center program you see the solid white line on top of the screen? What can fix this? Everything else runs fine with no problems
    06-02-09 07:17 AM
  2. ben.keen's Avatar
    I installed .148 yesterday after running .132 for a minute. I have had zero problems other then having to resend my BIS service books. You try the normal things like battery pull and whatnot to see if that clears it?
    06-02-09 07:43 AM
  3. UniqueLife's Avatar
    I tried battery pull, wipe software, resend service books doesn't fix it
    06-02-09 07:52 AM
  4. DeaconBlue's Avatar
    I'm not sure there's anything to fix. The white line is not an issue with your phone, it looks like they dropped the black header background down a bit, but it's something that would have to be "fixed" by RIM.
    06-02-09 08:07 AM
  5. ben.keen's Avatar
    Yeah I was just looking at mine and I got a small white line that separates the notification area from the list of apps but that is it. I was trying to take a picture of it using BB Screen Shooter but it didn't want to work for me today. If that is what you are seeing, there is no fix...
    06-02-09 08:10 AM
  6. UniqueLife's Avatar
    Hopefully when they come out with a new software update when ever they do they can fix the solid white line, when I went back to .75 it goes away, but once I upgraded to .148 it comes back
    06-02-09 08:26 AM