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    I'm sorry I don't remember WHICH reflector I downloaded .109 from the first time, but I had ALL KINDS of problems with it.

    The problems I had:
    Wrong Browser (no "go" key)
    Calendar didn't sync
    Many apps missing or not working
    Intermittently wouldn't recognize screen input
    Intermittent video playback
    DM not recognizing my device
    JL_Cmdr Not recognizing my device
    MY COMPUTER not recognizing the device (that was really frustrating)

    I first did a wipe and re-install off the version I had downloaded. The problems persisted.

    One of my co-workers had downloaded it from a different site and posted it on a server at work. I wiped my Storm, (also uninstalled the "first .109" from my computer) then installed the version my friend had downloaded and ALL IS WELL.

    Perhaps the folks who are having problems also used the corrupted load.
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    02-27-09 11:46 AM
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    I downloaded from a 'mirror' posted by a relatively new member here on CB. Never again.
    02-27-09 05:45 PM
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    Hmmm. Ok

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    02-27-09 05:53 PM
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    And you were sober? Thats a mighty big accusation, and if true, a lot of evidence must be provided, IMHO!
    02-27-09 07:03 PM
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    Yes I was sober - what kind of insulting question is that?

    I discovered after I got it from another location that the one I downloaded was about 2.5kB smaller than the one that works.

    I believe several of the people who are having problems may have downloaded the same one I did and that could be the the cause of the problems.

    WTF is it about this site that makes everyone so ******* arrogant thinking THEIR **** doesn't stink?

    I've been trying to help.

    I am through with this site.

    **** all of you!
    02-27-09 08:29 PM
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    by reflector, you mean mirror right?
    02-27-09 08:43 PM
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    It would help if you used the right terminology and provided the source of the link so people knew not to download that specific one.
    02-27-09 08:47 PM
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    WTF are you flipping out over?
    02-27-09 09:16 PM
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    first off that wasn't that big of an accusation... it was just a hypothosis... he obviously said that it might be. so he was just throwing it out there so the people having trouble might try downloading from a different mirror. second... some of the people here flame and attack way to quick and are very offensive for no apparent reason.
    but... there is no reason to flip out and tell everyone at crackberry to F ourselves. i don't think that really helps much..
    as for the possible corrupted mirror, i'm not sure about it. might be possible
    02-27-09 09:30 PM
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    Well he never posted which link he had trouble with, just kinda insinuated who it was posted by.

    I personally have had issues with Megaupload, I downloaded once and it said it was done but I never got the whole file, it was corrupt. I just downloaded the same link again and things were great. The file that was corrupt was not the correct size but I did not have any file transmission errors and everything on my end said the download was fine.
    02-27-09 11:20 PM
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    he came unglued.
    02-28-09 12:17 AM
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    Hi all if you looking for the storm OS .109 you can get it from my sight. I am not able to post it here so it is in my profile and it is all so in my yahoo profile to

    02-28-09 01:21 AM
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    Hi all if you looking for the storm OS .109 you can get it from my sight. I am not able to post it here so it is in my profile and it is all so in my yahoo profile to

    Do we need to send you a check first to Zimbabue?

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    02-28-09 10:52 AM