View Poll Results: Is .103 a WINNER or a LOSER!

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  • .103 is the BEST YET!

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  • .103 is a waste of time! Stick with what ya got!

    51 17.35%
02-15-09 08:31 PM
49 12
  1. blackBerry bOb's Avatar
    All apps/settings being equal with .75, .83, .85, .90 and .99 my battery life has suddenly tanked.

    Over 12 hours with only one email, no msg'ing/surfing and no calls my batt went from 90% to 30%.

    I recharged it 2 hours ago from this posting and rechecked that all connection/gps settings were as I usually have them and no background apps running. In the last 2 hous I've dropped 19% to 81%.

    Even with all the goodies and improvements (and there are a lot of them) in this leak, if this batt usage holds up after a couple pulls, .103 is ftl.
    02-11-09 10:56 PM
  2. Legobricke's Avatar
    so far the only issue that I have come across is the same BBM locked up.

    Still testing!

    02-12-09 10:14 AM
  3. nysstorm's Avatar
    Its fantastic, I think.
    02-12-09 10:18 AM
  4. zeiroe's Avatar
    I wish I could compare the poll data from the previous polls ... Can't tell if the same people are voting "w0rst ev4r" ... Not a lot of people respond to the thread but they do vote ... we may be able to isolate trends.
    02-12-09 10:33 AM
  5. cARLOs87's Avatar
    Everything on the phone is solid except:

    Video quality decreased a little bit.

    The Browser froze the first and second time I tried to use it. (Pulled the battery out twice before I got that fixed)

    When I initiate the camera the control screen is semi transparent which makes it hard for one to see whether flash, GPS tagging, and other features are enabled.
    02-12-09 11:20 AM
  6. bbstorm4me's Avatar
    -Video works which is a plus
    -music playback does not work for me. 1 out of 10 songs will play the rest get errors.
    -hourglasses lots more than .75

    I will probably go back to another release that plays music.
    02-12-09 12:02 PM
  7. md12's Avatar
    sounds like 103 is NOT a winner
    02-12-09 12:05 PM
  8. Mordendrak's Avatar
    Def a winner in my book!
    02-12-09 12:06 PM
  9. chaosbringer's Avatar
    Things i noticed off the bat

    -Accelerometer seems a bit faster
    -Bug with music player seems to be fixed.

    -Takes a LOT longer to reboot ( batter pull wise ) which is an issue with people like me that use quickpull etc.
    -Battery life seems to be shortened

    Everything else seems same.

    Sidenote: I have Visual Voice Mail, and a lot of my old voicemails got moved to the media folder....anyone else seeing this?

    Will post back in a few days and make adjustments.
    02-12-09 03:28 PM
  10. Leo.brazuca's Avatar
    Phone is faster in general, camera, accelerometer... there are people saying the bat. is shorter but I didn't notice it yet...

    No issues and workig great!

    02-12-09 03:34 PM
  11. budreaux's Avatar
    -Video works which is a plus
    -music playback does not work for me. 1 out of 10 songs will play the rest get errors.
    -hourglasses lots more than .75

    I will probably go back to another release that plays music.
    Mine has been running great. One thing that I do with every update is format the media card then reload my stuff. I noticed after my first update to .85 that if I formated the media card, things just worked better. I have almost 3gb of songs and video.

    02-12-09 04:02 PM
  12. idfixcomm's Avatar
    The battery life problem ???
    02-12-09 04:54 PM
  13. Racer38's Avatar
    I am a complete NooB when it comes to Blackberry stuff and I just got a storm. Went to .99 immediately then on to .103 and it has been working perfectly. No noticeable battery problems for me.
    02-12-09 05:00 PM
  14. bigredrandy's Avatar
    BY FAR the BEST yet!

    Only thing missing is BT stereo support for videos.
    02-12-09 05:13 PM
  15. Legobricke's Avatar

    Yesterday I upgraded around 5pm... Had 50% bat left...
    By the end of the night, it was totally dead...

    Battery recharged overnight....

    Today, I have been going strong on usage and after 8 hours, the battery is showing 75% left...

    So, I assume.... that I don't have a battery drain issue on this version (.103)

    02-12-09 05:44 PM
  16. jdatwood's Avatar
    It's running pretty smoothly for me so far. Only problem I've run into was application memory getting under 20mb
    02-12-09 05:49 PM
  17. iceman20xx's Avatar
    ....just do it! And keep me posted how you do. ...and what a huge difference from my original version .76.....just do it! And keep me posted how you do."
    Telus user too
    how is the memory now working good for you or do you notice a sizable drop by end of day. i think .85 was good on memory so many builds..

    is your Telus aGPS locked down. do you have difficult using blackberry maps getting satellites?
    02-12-09 05:53 PM
  18. Blakefreak's Avatar
    It was nice to make it all day without one freeze... Not one freeze compared to ten freezes a day with .86 through .99.... Finally
    02-12-09 06:19 PM
  19. Grovesfan's Avatar
    I don't see any improvement over .99 for me. In fact, I had the phone just shut off completely three times today; once while on hold with Verizon! I've NEVER had it reboot DURING a phone call before (while trying to answer or just after completing though).

    Browser seems a bit slower, accelerometer is not as fluid for me on this build either. I'm also noticing that upon removing it from the holster, the bottom 1/4th of the screen is white again (haven't seen this since the abysmal .90) and I also see the "lightening" theme almost every time I choose an icon from the home screen. I will probably go back to .99, but don't want to stay up tonight to do it as I've got an early, long day tomorrow.
    02-12-09 10:46 PM
  20. wakebrdr94's Avatar
    I was running .86, afraid to upgrade with all the negative stories and posts of the other OS's out there. I gave.103 a shot and love it. not one issue, not one crash, not one real complaint.
    02-12-09 11:05 PM
  21. Legobricke's Avatar
    Day 3 here and running .103 seems to be doing the job....

    Just minor issues... MMS (forwarding photos) and BBM occasionally causing lock-ups.

    02-13-09 09:02 AM
  22. briananderson's Avatar
    Have been running .103 since 20 minutes after it hit the wire, and the only issue I have run into is with my enterprise activation. Had to yank my account from the BES and re-add in order for it to complete activation. Other than that, it has been solid. No reboots, lock-ups, slow downs, etc. Everything seems snappier than .99, Slacker streams like a champ for as long as I want, BB browser is crackling hot.

    All in all, a nice effort. Of course, none of that is going to keep me from pushing the next leak as soon as I can get my greasy hands on it.
    02-13-09 09:19 AM
  23. Mithrandir's Avatar
    Thoroughly enjoying.103. Upgraded from .75 and I was ready to throw it out! Because of .103, The Storm is now a really fun BB to use. Very stable, no freezes, quick screen changes, easier typing, no battery differences than 75, etc.!!
    02-15-09 08:09 PM
  24. kruizin's Avatar
    So far for me, .99 has been the best. Although I did just install Sith's hybrid version 3.
    02-15-09 08:31 PM
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