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    Just wanted to make a comment on my replacement I received today.. I originally filed for a replacement because of poor software performance and a degrading click on my original storm.

    About a week ago Verizon sent me a certified like new replacement that was probably the worst quality anything I have ever seen.. The phone didn't click at all anywhere on the screen. After a phone call to verizon they agreed to send me a NIB phone w/ all accessories. The phone shipped second day air from Ontario, Canada and I received it in the mail today.

    Well if I have ever thought I held a storm that clicked well before I was wrong.. This phone is leaps and bounds better than my original ever was and the accelerometer when tested next to mine is about twice as fast and overall the phone seems to be the real deal.

    Now I have seen threads asking for those who got a perfect device and although it's only day one for me with this replacement I honestly think I got as perfect of a phone as anyone could ever expect. Heres to hoping my click stays this good forever!

    Edit: Original phone 12-17-08 Mexico
    CLN replacement Canada
    NIB replacement 01-07-09 Canada
    01-19-09 03:41 PM
  2. fcortese's Avatar
    Congrats. Let's hope this is a trend on all newly manufactored phones and all replacements.
    01-19-09 03:47 PM
  3. SpicytacoTO's Avatar
    Nice! I have a storm made in Canada 12-27-08 and it's been fantastic. The click is excellent. Having a good click actually makes typing on this device kinda *fun*.

    Glad you landed a good one.

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    01-19-09 04:32 PM
  4. collide.six's Avatar
    I agree. A properly built Storm with a screen that clicks good can be a night a day difference and it can instantly change ones perception of the Storm. For those of you lucky enough to get a good phone right out of the shoot you'll never understand.
    01-19-09 04:36 PM
  5. azeric's Avatar
    I agree. A properly built Storm with a screen that clicks good can be a night a day difference and it can instantly change ones perception of the Storm. For those of you lucky enough to get a good phone right out of the shoot you'll never understand.
    I am on my 3rd STORM as well. I cant quite explain the reason, but this one clicks correctly and has none of the problems of my first two. It came loaded with the .75 OS and I personally think that had something to do with it. RIM and Verizon are on their way to getting this right!
    01-19-09 04:54 PM
  6. JoshH37's Avatar
    The funny thing is I thought my storm had a great click before it started to get worse, but my original even at its best felt nothing like this new phone that was shipped to me. Completely worth the hassle of shipping back and fourth.
    01-19-09 05:19 PM
  7. anon(971517)'s Avatar
    how do you find the manufactured date?
    01-19-09 05:19 PM
  8. rellims's Avatar
    I too would like to know how you find where it was manufactured. I really think it has something to do with all these reported problems. I received my storm by mail (the store was out) and I have had no issues, zero, zip. I update to every leaked OS just to see if there is any difference and it just gets quicker and smother. I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but I have to say I'm impressed.
    01-19-09 05:36 PM
  9. Jaysus Cutler6's Avatar
    12-30 Mexican made Storm here, and so far I've had ZERO dust issues, screen click is the best out of the 3 I've had, and the accelerometer is instantaneous with .75. This is how the Storm is supposed to be.
    01-19-09 05:40 PM
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    for the clicking problem when its clicking a bit less nicely in the bottom middle then on the top If that doesn't work and you dare to venture further, try the fix which started the thread.

    The date is located on the box, not the phone as it appears to be right now.

    Maybe RIM has a warranty check system online using the serial number, such as the PC OEMs have? You might find it on there also, would be my guess.

    Otherwise we would need to try to disassemble the serialnumbers...
    01-20-09 03:04 AM
  11. jcrilley's Avatar
    Kudos to the 1/7/09 build date! I just posted below in another thread this morning...The only difference is mine was made in Mexico

    ...."I agree with OP about exchanging if its not perfect...I bought on on 12/27 with a Mexico build date of 12/17/08. I thought it was perfect. Very loose screen but clicked fine (so I thought). Thought the tight click above the soft keys was normal after reading these threads. Well Sunday my Storm seized up and even Verizon couldn't get it running at the corporate store. So I was within my first 30 days and they swapped it out. WOW!!! I now have a Mexico phone built on 1/7/09. I thought my first storm was perfect...nope! This one is incredible....no light leak (other had it), screen clicks sooo much smoother ans even EVERYWHERE! (so much easier to type), screen has very little movement compared to my other.

    I was very happy with my first (12/17/08 built) Storm, I am more than happy with my new (1/7/09 built) Storm. This new phone is what the Storm is supposed to be IMO."....
    01-20-09 11:20 AM
  12. JoshH37's Avatar
    See that is similar to my story.. I wouldn't have traded my first Storm for anything in the world, other than the Storm I have now.. The click is a lot more shallow but more progressive at the same time. It really allows me to type even faster than I could on my original which was always quite fast.

    My biggest clue was feeling one of the phones at a verizon store in my area and it was very similar to my newest phone. After feeling what a real Storm click was I had to exchange. The only downside so far to the new phone is a lot more light leak or shall I say a lot brighter.. I really don't mind it though and hardly pay attention.

    The worst thing about all of these sub-par Storms are reviews, how many times have I watched a video or read an article and it was actually mentioned that their screen had click issues in the corners.. Imagine if these people got the phone that's in my hands right now, running .75 from the beginning! The reviews would be a complete 180. Typing on a "Perfect Storm" beats typing on any physical keyboard I have had and there have been quite a few.
    01-20-09 12:56 PM
  13. jcrilley's Avatar
    I agree completely Josh...I am blown away at this phone I just got, especially thinkning I had the perfect storm before! However other than the light leak, my screen doesn't move as much...old one would rattle when shaken, but clicked fine so I thought that was normal...also most of these threads support that as a normal characteristic. Also, the gaps between my screen and the device are much much smaller on the 1/7/09 build. I would have taken a pic to compare...but didn't thinking the old storm was fine...when they handed me this one...wow...the difference in the click makes typing easier and I am nearly twice as fast than on my first storm!
    01-20-09 01:12 PM
  14. jeffmvr's Avatar
    How's the light bleed? Seems RIM still can't seal off the screens properly.
    01-20-09 04:21 PM
  15. fineazngod's Avatar
    Hmmmmm.... I want a perfect phone. Exchange or not to exchange that is the question. Could my phone be faster than it is now? Could my screen click be better?
    01-20-09 06:14 PM
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    Wow! Even fineazn is questioning his storm...

    *drums fingers together*


    I wish I could believe that RIM really is on the way to "getting it right" but in just this thread, we have how many people who returned how many Storms to get one that -might- go the distance?

    Good luck. Seriously.

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    01-20-09 06:25 PM
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    Gosh jdoc, you better hope RIM isn't getting this sorted out! Whatever will you and your BFF cereal killer do with yourselves if you don't have the crackberry storm rants and raves forums to troll.

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    01-20-09 06:58 PM
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    We will probably have to have our tongues surgically removed from our cheeks... I do mean the buccal surfaces, not gluteal.

    The idea that anything I say when not arguing (and half of it rgardless) is serious is kind of like asking a snake to walk a straight line. Un-possible.

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    01-20-09 07:27 PM
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    Lol...well, not to worry...if or when the storm issues get resolved, the devil will always be hiring for an advocate so you'll never be short of work

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    01-20-09 08:32 PM
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    ...if or when the storm issues get resolved,
    And the doubt is beginning to seep in...

    Excellent... *Smithers!*

    And remember that scene in Austin Powers, "Who does Number Two work for?" yea... that El Diablo guy already works FOR me... I call him Number Two.
    01-20-09 09:20 PM
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    Ha, oh come on. Puh-leese. I do not have doubt. I was simply being polite by acknowledging your feelings and opinions about the phone. My mama raised me up good. For the avoidance of confusion... "allow myself to introduce...myself....I'm Richie Cunningham, and this is my wife, Oprah."

    Er, I mean, I'm Spicytaco. Satisfied storm owner.

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    01-20-09 09:32 PM
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    What's a Spicy Taco doing on Toledo anyhow?
    01-20-09 10:45 PM