1. frankthomas's Avatar
    Dropped my Droid in the Drink and had to resurrect my Blackberry Storm. Had a problem with the OEM battery in the Storm 9530 not lasting more than a couple of calls, so I bought a replacement battery by RayOVac from BatteriesPlus. It lights it up fine but none of the softkeys work. Put my old battery back in, everything was fine. Reinsert the new battery, lights are on, but nobody is home, press on the browser, email and message icons and nothing happens. I made sure too the new battery was fully charged. Looking closer at the battery, there is a very slight difference in voltage, physically they are the same. The OEM battery is 3.7 volts, the replacement is 3.6, although Batteries Plus says it is a replacement for the 9530.

    Anyone seen this before? Thanks
    05-20-12 10:36 AM
  2. pshift's Avatar
    If there is a 'slight' difference, then it is a classic 'aftermarket' battery which just fits the BB but not designed specifically for it. Try going to your local phone store and trying a genuine replacement part.

    The cheap stuff is out there, which really does not work. You might also try to get a replacement from your seller. Depending on where they are located, good luck ...
    05-20-12 11:52 AM