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    first of all a great forum, helped me in keeping my storm. so many of my issues have been resolved. I thank everyone for great posts.

    1) i am not able to get the bb maps icon, i have gone into applications and done show all, i get call log & compose email icon. i looked under download, nothing. i know bb maps is installed on the phone but i cant get access it. I have installed google maps, its working fine. any advice?

    2) runing youtube or any video streaming, i am geting java exception error. so no video or radio. you think the telecom carrier has anything to do with this?

    3) the problem with screen press on the edges, the business card trick is working, but i wana know if there is any plans by RIM to solve this issue. I have a unlocked vodafone storm as my carrier currently has not officially launched it. so i duno if my warranty is valid or not. we dont have that great custormer support here on replacements.

    I tried G450s solution and it works great.

    4) i have BES enabled, so when i update the OS, do i have to go through reactivation again? or is there a way of saving that in the backup and restoring without me approaching my IT admin ppl. i have already updated twice and i duno how long they would support me.

    any help would be greatlyt appreciated!
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