1. smatyas's Avatar
    I searched around the forum and haven't found a definitive answer. Is the lock "button" on the top of the phone an actual button (like the answer call, menu, etc.) or is it just part of the surface with a sensor to touch?
    11-17-08 04:20 PM
  2. kamy100's Avatar
    It is not an actual button like the buttons at the bottom of the phone, but it is located at the top and is like a sensor button, although you have to press down on it to activate the lock. The phone locking works very well, over the weekend that I had the phone it never unlocked when in my pocket.
    11-17-08 04:25 PM
  3. beachnut57's Avatar
    Just got a new blackberry from Verizon. Searched their booklet for the "lock" button.... nothing. Not a silly thing. Alas, this site saved my evening, after calling Verizon at 11:35 to learn that their technical support goes out for pizza at 11. Thanks, Crackberry dot com!!!!
    08-16-10 11:24 PM