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  1. Gman2900's Avatar
    Bought a verizon blackerry storm 9530 that was flashed over to cricket, when i bought the phone (off of ebay) the person selling the phone claimed that all features would work, that it was "FULLY FLASHED" over to the cricket network. Took the phone to a cricket store & had it activated, told the sales rep that it was a flashed phone (which he knew right away anyhows) flashed over to cricket completely (supposedly). Well got the phone activated, it was thoroughly tested by the rep. But he did warn me that all features may not work, which the phone itself works fine, can dial & receive calls no problem, a regular standard text message works no problem. But i have no internet nor can i send OR receive a MMS. Can somebody plz help me out here, i'm a noob to all of this stuff. Now upon talking to the sales rep, he asked me what plan i wanted & he pointed out the $35 or $45 plans, i then questioned him "don't i need the blackberry plan if i have a blackberry" as i thought this is what i read/heard? He told me "no, you don't necessarily need the blackberry plan" as your phone will be just like a android phone (that was the $45 plan). So could this of had something to do with it right off of the bat??? PLEASE HELP ME GET MY INTERNET & MMS WORKING!!!
    05-25-11 12:18 AM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    ...He told me "no, you don't necessarily need the blackberry plan" as your phone will be just like a android phone (that was the $45 plan). So could this of had something to do with it right off of the bat??? PLEASE HELP ME GET MY INTERNET & MMS WORKING!!!
    The sales rep is a fool

    You NEED a BlackBerry data plan for internet browsing and MMS.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    05-25-11 03:25 AM
  3. Gman2900's Avatar
    Contacted cricket, and they said i could not change my plan due to my blackberry storm 9530 being a flashed phone. I personally contacted cricket customer service this morning & even asked "why i could not transfer my service plan" & she explained that the blackberry plan was not available to me (i checked it myself on my account online at & the cricket blackberry plan was not "highlighted") So if this is so, how or can i still get the internet & MMS working???
    05-25-11 11:31 AM
  4. Phill_UK's Avatar
    I've absolutely no idea what you mean by 'flashed'

    If you mean unlocked, then it's unlocked to ALL carriers and there was no need to inform Cricket of this...
    nor for them to refuse you a BlackBerry data plan because of it.

    Unfortunately MMS and the native browser are service book controlled, so you will need a BlackBerry data plan for these to work.
    There are NO workrounds.
    05-25-11 11:51 AM
  5. Gman2900's Avatar
    Phill_UK, you've never heard the term "flashed"??? I just did a search on the blackberry storm forums of the word "flashed" & came up with 3 pages of posts. Now granted some call it "unlocked" as well, but i just can't believe you've never heard the term "flashed"? Anyhow, as i stated in my previous post a blackberry data plan "was not available to me". Now i have spent the day googling & researching & yes from what i've come up with i have seen quite a few posts on other forums/sites that state just as you have that it is an issue with the service books (for which i know nothing about as this is all totally new to me) but i'm also wondering if my WAP & MMS settings are correct, i've read a few other posts where this has got me wondering as well, **** i don't even know where the **** i would find these settings, i remember seeing them once but don't remember where i found them at on the phone under either settings or options???
    05-25-11 02:42 PM
  6. Phill_UK's Avatar
    I've heard of 'flashed' as in flashing new/different firmware to phones, but never for unlocking... must be a US thang

    Anyway, service books are pushed to your phone by your carrier when you have an active BB data plan. These control the settings and your connection to RIM's BIS servers. Without these service books you can't use push email, the native browser, BBM, MMS, and just about anything else that uses data. BlackBerries are different to other phones, and they don't have WAP & MMS setting options. That's what the service books do.

    So basically, without a BlackBerry data plan you will not be able to browse the internet, or send/receive MMS
    05-25-11 03:47 PM
  7. Fubaz's Avatar
    Phil, it is a US thing, it is where they can take a storm, and make it work on another CDMA netowrk.

    A lot of people make BoostBerry's and stuff....
    watch this video

    OP, you shoudl have done your research before doing this, I wish you luck in your journey
    05-25-11 04:30 PM
  8. Gman2900's Avatar
    Well i don't understand how i'm seeing some people with a flashed/unlocked blackberry storm can have (or "get it to work somehow") internet & MMS (whether they have a blackberry data account or not) and i'm told that since i have a flashed phone that the blackberry data plan is unavailable to me, JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE???

    EDIT: I also just came across this: Can a blackberry storm work on cricket service?

    Answer: Yes it can and you can have MMS and WAP working if you edit your MIP & SIP usernames and pwd's. You will also have to find a Service Book.ipd file on the internet that has the Cricket settings for MMS and WAP.
    Last edited by Gman2900; 05-25-11 at 04:47 PM.
    05-25-11 04:42 PM
  9. cricketstorm's Avatar
    I have my Storm working on cricket with web and mms. you need desktop manager, and the service books.
    08-01-11 02:54 PM
  10. cricketstorm's Avatar
    I am attaching the service books. Here are the instructions:

    Unzip all files to desktop
    Run crackutil setup (install to desktop)
    with the device connected, run crackutil
    go to file manipulation tab
    retrieve file listing
    look for net_rim_bb_browser_dameon
    Remove the file
    after reboot, open desktop manager
    go to restore, browse to where you saved the service books (desktop)
    restore both sets.
    go back to crackutil
    file manipulation tab
    retrieve file list
    load file to device
    load net_rim_bb_browse_dameon.cod
    remove battery, reinsert battery, reboot phone
    now you should have the browser
    wo_brownie and TiajahMarie like this.
    08-01-11 03:04 PM
  11. McSmilie's Avatar
    I have a Blackberry Storm 2 9550

    So, after lots and lots of pointless phone calls to Verizon, Cricket, and Blackberry. I basically got my MMS and Internet working. The Key things I had to do were Fully flash the phone to cricket (including unlocking), and then had to basically download those service books you've all posted on here. Then as well dial ##000000 and in there change the SIP to '(your number)', and MIP to ''. After those adjustments the MMS works just fine, as well as internet.

    BUT am not able to get any applications. Other than apps, phone works - Calls, SMS, MMS, and Internet.
    02-10-12 04:55 AM
  12. jdthebugman's Avatar
    The sales rep is a fool

    You NEED a BlackBerry data plan for internet browsing and MMS.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    Really smart guy? I live in the US (omaha, nebraska)-does that matter? Last year I purchased a Verizon Storm1 flashed to cricket & I declined the Data Plan. The internet & gps worked fine. Poynt & google maps didn't work but the gps program that you can upload to the web was able to tell me my speed & coordinates.

    I will also mention that after I sold my Storm1 & switched to the Huawei Ascend1 (not flashed, always cricket) I maintained the non-data plan and everything worked fine, including NAVIGATE, the voice-recognized navigation program.

    Now I'm trying to figure out why the people at a big cell phone store are telling me that my Verizon Samsung Fascinate that they flashed to cricket will not work on a non-data plan. It's been working great on the data plan until I dialled *228 when I went out of town to set it in roaming mode. That disabled my internet connection-apparently flashed cricket phones don't need *228. On the way to the store I called cricket and told them to put me on the non data plan. Upon arriving at the store they told me *228 disables the flashed cricket internet connection and they needed to reprogram that minor file. They also told me I won't have internet until I call cricket to put me back on the data plan (which is and extra $10, which is still $15 cheaper than verizon's data palan). Is cricket to blame or the guys at the store? Sooo many questions, sooo little patience.
    02-20-12 08:47 PM
  13. acom1234's Avatar
    I am trying to get a BB 8530 from sprint working on a new cdma carrier. I update the edited the service book for cricket and I load it to the device using the instructions above. After the device reload I dont see the icon to load the browser. The only option I have for browser is for hotspot browser. any advice welcome.
    04-24-12 07:08 PM
  14. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    You won't get the BlackBerry Browser without a BlackBerry Data Plan.
    04-24-12 07:46 PM
  15. acom1234's Avatar
    We have a datadata plan[/YT]. Problem i have is that once I edit the service book and load it i don't see the wap icon.
    04-26-12 08:30 PM
  16. Rob Henry's Avatar
    BB plan NOT required Ive had my BB storm FULL flash w. all mms and internet working on the $45 mo plan...after tax its $48 flat UNLT every month.
    12-17-12 02:21 AM
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