1. efh7557's Avatar
    I'm sick of getting a text telling me there is a voicemail. I see that I have a VM. I don't need a text as well. HELP!!! How do I make it stop!

    I have a Storm 9530 and I am with Verizon.

    07-23-09 12:35 PM
  2. coolsoundingme's Avatar
    Erin Denver -

    You can't. This has been covered a great many times over in many forums on this site. It is built into the blackberry operating system and is a part of the blackberry design. In short, you cannot. In long, you can use a visual voicemail add-on program (read: Search for YouMail for more info), but you cannot.
    07-23-09 01:33 PM
  3. Transfigured's Avatar
    Far as i know only option is 2 turn off voicemail msg indicator (symbol @ top of home screen) along w/vm logging (what u refer 2 as msg) via:

    Dial vm > press 4 > press 1 > press 2. Prior deletion of msgs may be required for this 2 take effect.

    Subsequently u only receive storm's auto notification of missed call(s) & must guess/check if vm msg(s) left by caller(s)!
    07-23-09 10:27 PM