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    How do I ensure that all of my contacts, media, e-mails & texts are deleted from my Storm phone with a screen damaged from impact?

    I have to send my phone back to the insurance company after getting a new one. The service provider was able to transfer contacts to new phone but that's it. I was able to get some pictures off the phone before touch screen completely stopped working. The buttons on the bottom and sides still work though.

    I did hook it up to the Blackberry Desktop Manager but it wasn't able to connect. I looked at the memory on the phone via the USB cable to my computer & it said that 34KB were in use.

    I just want to ensure that all of my personal data is removed before I send it back. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    08-13-09 10:52 AM
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    NEWB POST... Search for it before you post a thread.
    Options>Security>General>BB Menu button(the one with the dots)>Wipe Handheld.
    08-13-09 10:55 AM
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    I did search. I searched and found the process you posted. However, it does not directly fit my situation.

    My screen doesn't work.

    I can see items on it but can't push on them to select the menus you just posted.

    I just don't have 20 hours to sift through tons of threads that have nothing to do with my situation with the hopes that one post may direct me to something useful. I already read about two hours worth of threads and found nothing specific to my situation.

    Again any input as to how to achieve removing all data off phone please post.

    Thank you & yes I am a funny guy!
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    08-13-09 11:17 AM
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    That funny guy part is in my signature... Heres what you can try... smash the damn phone. As far as i know through the bbdm you can't wipe it. There might be some trick with restore but i dunno.
    08-13-09 11:47 AM
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    What language is that?
    08-13-09 11:49 AM
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    That "was" SPAM, from Russia with Love.

    To the OP, you can use a utility program like CrackUtil or JL_cmder to wipe the phone before you return it.

    Do it. There are documented stories of referbs, with data intact.


    @OP, feel free to contact sitesupport@crackberry.com to request a name change.
    08-13-09 11:58 AM
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    Use JL_Cmder like mentioned..... it'll do what you want.
    08-13-09 11:59 AM
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    Hook up to DM and reconfigure your sync settings for your contacts, calendar, etc. Set it for a one-way sync to device, using an application you don't use, such as Yahoo. Make sure you check the box to replace all data in the target application.

    Running a sync at this point will remove any contacts, tasks, and calendar appointments from the device. Not much you can do about the emails or text messages.

    The only other thing I can suggest, given your situation, would be to do a full device wipe without backing up, and reinstall the base OS. You would have no third party data on the device, it would be at factory settings.
    08-13-09 12:10 PM
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    And I did already smash it!
    08-13-09 12:10 PM
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    Where do I find this JL_Cmder?
    08-13-09 12:12 PM
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    Reed posted a link to it in his post.
    08-13-09 12:39 PM
  12. WhyIsEveryFrickingNameAlreadyTaken's Avatar
    That's to CrackUtil not JL_Cmder.
    08-14-09 11:34 AM
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    I downloaded CrackUtil and every time I open it up it asks for my device password. There is none. Then a red X box pops up and says; "File Access Denied".

    In the bottom of the CrackUtil box it says Retrieving OS Version... for ever & none of the CrackUtil buttons are working?

    What gives? I need to send this phone back today or the insurance company is going to charge me $250 for it!

    Is this why RCODE recommended JL_Cmder? Also, where can I find JL_Cmder?
    08-14-09 12:03 PM
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    Nevermind. I found it. There is a link below to help other who may be looking for this!

    Since I have score of 9 on here and need a 10 to post links?!?! WTF? Here is the link to the thread that has the link to download JL_Cmder simply type http:in front of the two backslashes //forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?p=3340988#post3340988
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