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  1. fatal1ty44's Avatar
    Maybe I'm just blind, but I couldn't find it in the manual...
    12-07-08 03:07 AM
  2. Clover86's Avatar
    It is like when you are on a call on a land line and want to call someone else and have a 3way call.

    And for all those with their minds in the gutter, 3 way and 3 some are different things.

    Edit: Nevermind I am thinking of the add participant function.
    Last edited by Clover86; 12-07-08 at 03:11 AM.
    12-07-08 03:08 AM
  3. ccrx's Avatar
    Its call waiting. If your on the phone and someone calls, you'll here a beep. You can press flash to switch over or not and let it go to voicemail. You also use it to initiate conference calls I believe.
    Last edited by cocruxified; 12-07-08 at 03:15 AM.
    12-07-08 03:09 AM
  4. dante13's Avatar
    Wish I had known that earlier when someone, two people called me I answered one of them but didn't answer the other. Nice to know thanks
    12-07-08 03:14 AM
  5. noaim's Avatar
    flash actually used to be the common button for it on house phones.. but most people simply click the hang up button to switch over now.

    On cellphones they do them in many differen't ways depending on the cellphone.

    I think on the env when a call came in something on the screen showed up tat said answer call and it was above the send key
    12-07-08 04:06 AM
  6. baidya's Avatar
    would it possible to add more than 2 participants in the call. Like 4-way or 5-way using the flash. I tried it using the add participant and it didn't work out that way.
    02-02-09 01:45 PM
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