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    Apologies in advance if this is posted elsewhere (feel free to flame, but have been scouring many sources to try and find an answer to the following)

    Im a recent BB convert (this is my first), so Im praying there is a switch/dongle somewhere Im missing. Loving the Storm and (*knock on wood*), seem to have threaded the needle where screen clicking issues, etc. seem to have plagued many. Procuring the unit the first day is an odyssey unto itself... My problem actually comes from the DM installation and getting some odd behavior by Outlook and the system as a whole.

    By the numbers:
    BB Storm: (Platform
    Outlook 2007: 12.0.6316.5000 (SP1 MSO: 12.0.6320.5000)
    OS: Vista Business (SP1)
    PC: Dell XPS M1330 (I only list this as there have been unique issues associated with this machine that crop up periodically)

    The run-up to the issue(s):
    Upon installing DM (straight off the VZW CD), I noticed the boot cycle slowed down drastically. Easily a 10X wait once the desktop appeared. Because this unit was kept free to Office apps, antivirus (AntiVir), firewall (Comodo) and malware-kill (Malawarebytes Anti-Malware), it launched extremely quickly. Id explained this away as a consequence of various synch processes kicking in the background somewhere (having experienced something similar with previous experiences with WinMobile units). This laptop is fresh (having been kept AWAY from WM corruption) and never having had any type of synch software installed.
    Per discovered posts (at this forum and others), I transferred my CONTACTS ONLY (email, calendar, etc. were not neededcontacts were critical) from my previous machine via the following process:
    - Old PC: Exported Contacts and all subfolders > .PST file
    - New PC: Imported Contacts (ala previously generated .PST file)
    - First synch did not pull in subfolders, so moved all contacts into SINGLE contacts folder.
    - Subsequent synchs now show all contacts (though associated images are only seen with those that transferred the first time).

    The problem(s):
    First, Outlook itself becomes VERY sluggish, to the point that the Preview Pane (which I use to read my email) wont refresh or show the contents of the highlighted selection/email. I also noticed that keyboard shortcuts cease to function. Floating help notes also take a bit of time to kick-in.
    Second, a recent issue is that my To-Do list folder now does not show-up at all. Cannot display the folder is what shows-up in the sidebox. The minimized To-Do also has lost its labels, and upon expanding, displays the message, The operation failed. The object could not be found.

    WHEN Outloook misbehaves, Ive noticed attempts to close it does NOT seem to flush it out of RAM (close properly). The Task Manager shows it as a running process, and a relaunch of the app creates a SECOND instance of Outlook. Manually nixing the first instance does not seem to help, here. A reboot will allow for some measure of normal use (though the To-Do issues remain from the getgo, every time).
    Even with a fresh (rebooted) launch of Outlook, the There was a problem reading one of more of your reminders. Some of your reminders may not appear makes its appearance.
    Having Outlook run its diagnostics (Help > Office Diagnostics) shows no errors.

    ANY ideas here would be a godsend. Loving the Storm itself (coming from an HTC Mogul/WM platform), loving the BB email/messaging capabilities, and loving the knowledge here at CB to help a newb get up to speed pretty quickly (by and large). It seems only right that Id have SOME issues Admittedly, I wasnt expecting it from Outlook/DM!

    Thank you in advance, and sorry for the long post. I wanted to stuff as much detail in there as I could that might be diagnostically relevant.


    - M007

    P.S. A Happy Thanksgiving to all! (And God bless you if you're actually replying to this on this wonderful day of institutional gluttony! )
    11-27-08 11:36 AM
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    The reboot sequence is still laggy, but the Outlook peculiars seem to have corrected themselves. To-Dos have returned, as have the labels in the minimized toolbar and all formerly missing objects now found and listing properly

    After doing an all-out assault on EVERY option available in OUTLOOK, I noticed that there were MULTIPLE PST files w/the SAME NAME. Specifically:


    The others were supposed to be archived versions/backups (at least, that was what Id asked the s/w to do), but apparently, something got quirky there. Very possibly me (Im a Eudora convert still adjusting).

    I also did a:

    TOOLS > MAILBOX CLEANUP > Empty deleted items (the Empty button)

    That latter step may or may not have done anything, though I noticed that the many subfolders I had (which were used to separate contacts into work, personal, etc. and consolidating into ONE folder in order to synch all of them to the Storm) apparently did NOT DELETE through any other function. It actually took a few seconds digesting the deletion of subfolders.

    Not sure if it was a DM issue or OL issue or just me being an ***** issue, but thought I should post this unexpected result. Normally, Im MUCH more methodical about isolating the problem (in case it should reappear), but I was hedging closer and closer to an outright full reinstall, so caution was cast aside (for better or for worse).

    Its been a multi-day fight troubleshooting this issue, so Im going to spare myself holiday rage by postponing my next synch operation until AFTER dinner. If any problems should arise/re-arise, I will be certain to post those results as well. If no word, it can be presumed this problem has gone away.

    Thank you to the people who took the time to read my original post. Im wondering if deleting this entry would be the better part of valor (as it seems to be a VERY isolated issue), unless someone thinks it should stay put just in case.

    Again, my thanks, and my best wishes this fine Turkey Day! (Now go eat!)
    11-27-08 12:57 PM