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    I have blackberry Storm 9530 3G CDMA 'Verzion wireless' It was off for 3 weeks or maybe more than 3. Yesterday i tried to ON it, a little clock circling appears and after few seconds it disappears. I thought maybe low battery problem that's why it switched off. I plugged it for charging for 2 hours, but after 2 hours same problem. Red light blinks but NO sign of display. I took it to Shop and they said we will charge the battery because it is drained. They charged it for a hour but unfortunately the same result. RED light blinks continuously but no display. He changed the battery to check but the same result RED LIGHT BLINKING. Now please help me in order to solve this problem. I don't have any idea what the problem is with the Device and what the solution is for it.

    Thank you,


    Jamal Ahmad
    05-21-11 07:52 AM
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    I have blackberry storm 9530 .it is a cdma verizon wireless smart phone.but i have not pin activation .i can not use browser and blackberry application icon is not available.what can i do now for using internet browser and bbm.my pin number is always null .have not active status..what can i do now.?
    your faithfully
    sarang prajapati
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    12-26-12 05:18 AM
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    i can't remember my pin number
    08-03-13 01:12 PM