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  1. teeno's Avatar
    Extremely upset!
    I purchased one of those film body protectors on ebay to protect my have to wet it, put it on, then squeegee out the bubbles...BIG problem!!!
    Here's the story...The water i was squeegeeing out, as i applied the screen protector, managed to make its way underneath my screen and stained the underside! beautiful screen....ruined!!!
    i guess this post serves 2 purposes...#1, a question. Did i get a lemon? is there a seal between the screen and the body of the phone to protect water from getting in, and mine was not manufactured properly? (i'm hoping so, at least i can b**ch out someone from RIM for a trade off... i cant afford the $600 replacement) Or has anyone else had a similar problem, and RIM overlooked it?
    Purpose #2, if the latter of the above is correct, THIS IS A WARNING!!! DO NOT BUY A FILM SCREEN PROTECTOR!!!!! YOUR STORM.....RUINED!

    can anyone help me out???is there a loop hole? or maybe something i can do to clean it???

    04-17-09 09:38 AM
  2. zazzified's Avatar
    Some Storms do have a less effective seal, but to my knowledge it cannot be replaced under warranty because it's still water damage, even if it wouldn't have happened with an improved seal. I could be mistaken but I'm sure someone will correct me if I am.

    That said, I have applied screen protectors with this method several times and it is doable with extreme caution, though it's possible that my seal is better.
    04-17-09 09:43 AM
  3. wperry66's Avatar
    Sounds like you used too much water.

    You're only supposed to dip the film in the water, then shake it off. I've currently got one on my Storm and had no problems. IMO these type of screen protectors are the best, since you only have to buy one. And it also gives the screen a bit of a tacky feel, so typing is easier.

    Sorry to hear about your luck though, hopefully you can somehow get a replacement.
    04-17-09 09:44 AM
  4. heraldo's Avatar
    yeah that happened to me too....tho i asked the guy at BestBUy to do it....yikes...i got my storm traded in for another issue tho. i was super pissed too.
    04-17-09 09:46 AM
  5. wmc's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear that you had a problem.

    I put an Invisible Shield on my Storm. It took some time to get it just right and I used every drop of the included spray doing it. I made sure that the battery was out and after I let it dry for 12 hours before putting the battery back.

    I was very worried about having a problem. I'm happy to say that it came out perfectly. However I don't think that I would do it again.
    Last edited by WMC; 04-17-09 at 11:16 AM.
    04-17-09 09:56 AM
  6. misspriss1892's Avatar
    My friend got water damage in her phone too but she was able to get a replacement from verizon, it's worth trying
    04-17-09 10:12 AM
  7. Javiggan69's Avatar
    This sounds kind of funny but i told my wife to hold the phone facing down so i can install the protector and the water drips down to the floor.
    04-17-09 10:40 AM
  8. teeno's Avatar
    does anyone know of a way that i can remove the screen to clean the underside?????

    *and thanks for the responses guys! although i have become severely depressed learning that i got a lemon, at least some people are in the same boat as me lol
    04-17-09 11:06 AM
  9. walkingrock's Avatar
    I don't think you got a lemon. If you had researched this site before you applied the protector, you would have known that any liquid anywhere near the screen of the Storm is risky business. It is not a sealed screen, none of them are. Some may have a bigger gap than others.
    04-17-09 12:12 PM
  10. JBurger538's Avatar
    A similar thing happened to a friend of mine as well. They went to verizon and got a replacement and said that after a few days of not being powered on the "water" residue went away. so there might still be some hope for you, but you will be without your storm for a few days. Good luck
    04-17-09 12:20 PM
  11. rob_p's Avatar
    This happened to me with the Invisible Shield and this is what I did to 100% resolve it.

    1) Left the battery out
    2) left it overnight
    3) In the morning propped up the Storm so that the liquid would be at the bottom (ie use gravity as your friend)
    4) Set up a hair dryer on low heat (about 24"back)

    After about 30-40mins of the hair dryer all was well, and i put the battery back in.

    Of course your results may vary, but it worked for me.
    04-17-09 12:25 PM
  12. RBernier's Avatar
    does anyone know of a way that i can remove the screen to clean the underside?????

    *and thanks for the responses guys! although i have become severely depressed learning that i got a lemon, at least some people are in the same boat as me lol
    How did you come to the conclusion that "I got a lemon"? You messed up. You may or may not be able to get a replacement, but the bottom line is you were not careful enough when you applied the skin.
    04-17-09 12:26 PM
  13. manofice1's Avatar
    I'm not sure why anyone would mess around with screen protectors that need water? My uses no sticky resedue it just sucked right to the screen
    04-17-09 12:41 PM
  14. GirlNextDoor82's Avatar
    Does anyone have a recommended brand of screen protector (the sticky ones)? I bought the expensivo ones at verizon when I bought my Storm - $20 for 3 sticky protectors. I was looking at cheaper ones on the net but I'm not sure what the quality is. And I would like to avoid any water issues - yikes! Thanks!
    04-22-09 08:00 PM
  15. DrCoolBerry's Avatar
    honestly you don't need a screen protector... the screen is scratch resistant to most everyday things... there are even youtube videos of a fellow taking a knife among other things to his screen, and yielding no scratches...
    04-22-09 09:47 PM
  16. Dawizman's Avatar
    I got a little bit of water under my screen when I put my screen protector on. What I did was pour some rice (about 3 cups) into a Tupperware container and placed the storm on top of the rice (No battery or door as they were nowhere near the water). Then I put the lid on and made sure it was sealed properly. Then I placed it somewhere warm (In my case I placed it on top of my Axiom home theater amp which puts out its fair share of heat). and let it sit overnight. In the morning there was no water left.

    I am in the process of doing the same thing with my LG Voyager which I had before the Storm, or should I say lost & then I bought the Storm. I was out 4-wheeling in January and happened to loose my voyager in the snow. I was in the same area this past weekend and I happened to see it sticking out of a puddle. The thing was literally FULL of water. The screens looked like an aquarium. All water with a little bit of air. I'm going to see if it will power up again after drying out all week. Maybe I can re-coup some money by selling it.
    04-22-09 11:37 PM
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