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    I already have Google Sync keeping my contacts and calendar up to date, however I just had a calendar shared with me on Google Calendar and now all of the events from there are sync'd to my blackberry calendar, BUT they are all under my gmail account's calendar. I have another calendar someone shared with me on google that is also associated with my gmail account but that one is its own separate calendar on my blackberry. In other words, when I want to view just that calendar I hit the BB Key->Select Calendar... and choose the one I want to view. This new calendar doesn't show up in the list, how can I fix this??
    09-28-10 03:23 PM
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    Calendars are attached to email accounts. You can't view them separately by category (i.e., school cal, soccer practice+games). You would have to use a separate gmail account to do that, but then you can only use G Sync with one account so that would be stupid.
    09-28-10 04:26 PM
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    IF I Recall Correctly


    I think if it's a shared calendar you can't. You can only sync calendars that belong to you.

    You can copy events from the shared one to your own calendar......
    09-28-10 05:00 PM
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    Open your google sync app then options. Scroll to the bottom and click on ur calendar name. Shared calendars will be listed in other. Check the box then menu and close and menu again then save. Sync and ur should be good. I have 3 shared calendars

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    09-28-10 11:09 PM
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    I have also had it where my calenders got all messed up and I had to connect to desktop manager and clear all of my calendar entries and re-sync and it put them all in 1

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    09-28-10 11:14 PM
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    well thanks for all the info guys, this is really disappointing on both google and blackberry's part

    oh well, I'll just deal with it as-is I suppose

    It would be really really helpful if I could have diff calendars for diff categories, that way every different thing would be color coded in the Week view

    ok, thanks everyone
    10-01-10 05:46 PM
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    Guys, I have 3 email addresses set up with BB email. I also have Google Synch.

    But when I open google sync app >> then options >> then scroll to the bottom >> there's no calendars listed. Just "default calendar" i.e. the native BB calendar.

    How can I add my other calendars? I understand BB calendars are associated with email addresses. And I have set up 3 email addresses. But the associated calendars don't appear.

    12-19-12 12:41 PM