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    I currently have an unlocked Storm on the Verizon network. I had the phone unlocked by Unique phones. I am getting ready to travel to the Dominican Republic tomorrow and planned on using a pre paid sim card when I got there to avoid paying the high roaming rates. However I also wanted to add the Global email plan to my current plan so that I can switch back to my real service and continue to receive emails and have unlimited internet coverage while there.

    While activating the global plan with Verizon, the customer service rep told me that my SIM card is not activated. She wanted to activate it for me, however I asked to her to hold off for now.

    My question is if they do activate the SIM card, will this re-lock my phone to Verizon and stop me from using a pre paid sim card when I travel? I do not want my phone to again be locked. Also if I keep the SIM un activated, is it true that the global email and internet will not work?

    Thanks in advance.
    04-13-09 03:15 PM