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    I searched, didn't find anything pertaining to my issue...

    I've got an early storm running on official .75

    Apps I have running at any given time, Colorlight (only because it never actually shuts down, even if I'm not using it) YahooIM, TalkLock, Windows Live Msgr, Thats pretty well it.

    I recently found out that hey, Plazmic 4.7 came out in the short time away from the net *I dont use CBForums on my Storm.. addiction aint that bad.. yet * So I decided to download a few themes and try them out. So I downloaded 3DStormLTP, which I love.. looks/works great the CB 2.0 Free theme, and Redberry Today Plus. First I tried the Redberry, since it was most like the OE Storm theme with a few variations and the background looks awesome with my carbonfiber'like' hardcase. It worked great, a little glitchy, but overall tolerable. First thing I noticed was that it rescatters my icons everytime I switch themes.. but I can deal with that. Next up was the 3D-L Today Plus, which looks stunning! Very smooth operation and unique icons. Again, moved menu icons, but worked it out.. then I got the free CB2.0 Theme.. it looked good, I like the visual style of it, again matches my hardcase. But I wanted to switch back to the L Today theme and when I did.. It retained the CB theme looks, with L icons and standard 'today' layout with no 'L' shape.. I pulled my hardcase off for a full reboot, As I haven't downloaded an app for that.. is there one? And voila when it booted back up, it worked fine.

    Is this just a glitch with Plazmic or is it possibly an O/S problem.
    03-08-09 09:59 AM
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    Why don't you post this is the proper forum?

    There is a theme forum here for a reason, check it out!
    03-08-09 10:07 AM
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    Well, I would, but its not a theme, its a software issue. Just has to do with themes, that is an exclusive issue with the Storm 9500/9530, I assumed it would be a general topic, not go under theme, because when I looked in the theme forum, all that was posted there was new themes and links to get themes.
    03-08-09 10:11 AM
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    Its an issue. I've had to reset it almost every time I switch themes. So its not just you and as for the battery pull issue, there's an app called softreset that restarts thr phone : D hope this helps u out!

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    03-08-09 06:53 PM