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    *Storm and Torch versions*
    Four icons at the bottom are customizable. (Slots 3 thru 6)
    Clock Dock icons are customizable. (Slots 1 and 2)
    Click above 4-icon dock to hide the dock.
    Click arrow bar at bottom to show 4-icon dock.
    Click right of right dot to change clock background dark.
    Click left of left dot to change clock background white.
    Click larger center dot to hide Clock Dock.
    Click center of black bar where date is too show Clock Dock.
    ONLY when Clock Dock is hidden can you click the Notification Banner at top for Hidden Today. Click again to hide it, ONLY then can you bring the Clock Dock back.
    Click the large clock to bring up the Clock and Alarm App.
    Clock Dock has three lines of text, date, WiFi (SSID) and Owner Info, in that order.
    WiFi and Owner Info must be ON to see it and possible reboot to show.
    Today Screen ONLY shows Messages and Calendar events.

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