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    I bought my boyfriend a Blackberry Storm earlier last year, refurbed it for him and he's been using it on Tmobile. However, on top of the glitches he's been experiencing, he also says that he has a lot of trouble with the touch screen and how some themes are set up... mainly because he's left handed and reaching across the screen sometimes pushes functions he doesn't want to.

    Are there any themes out there for lefties, or, more importantly, is anyone interested in making one? I haven't gotten far in my theme making abilities but I'd really like to see this done.

    For him, ideally he'd probably want something kind of techie or even gunlike (maybe the dark gunmetal type thing) with the icons easily accessible for a left-handed person.

    Is this a good idea or am I just bein' stupid?
    02-12-11 01:42 PM