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    Your BlackBerry has been outfitted with the latest in nano technology. Xero's interface is one of a kind giving you the feel of wearing a next gen nano suit in a post-apocalyptic earth. Xero might even have you doing "the robot" at least once a day. With green accents around the theme but not too overpowering the look and feel is clean and precise. Although not the exact design for both keyboard and touch homescreens you still get a cool tech experience whatever device you are operating.

    • Keyboard devices: Scroll up and down for a unique dock with 10 customizable text icons.

    • Touchscreen devices: Touch/click the arrows and the bottom or top of dock to toggle between 10 customizable text icons. The dock shows up to 5 text icons at a time.

    • 10 text customizable icons on homescreen - 5 customizable icons on touchscreen landscape mode
    • Landscape mode for touchscreen devices
    • Wallpaper friendly - screen stays a bit dark with the hexagons on the sides
    • No carrier
    • Transitions throughout

    Get Xero from the Crackberry store HERE
    04-12-11 06:07 PM